Blogger’s Unexpected Before/After Pictures Send Important Message About Self-Acceptance

No, these before and after pictures aren't mixed up.

This isn't the typical story of weight loss—rather, it's about a journey of self-acceptance. Laura Mazza, the blogger behind The Mum on the Run once lived her life on a perpetual diet. She not only made sure to avoid anything fried or sweets, she went so far as to eliminate everything but meat.  The results were a flat, tight stomach, defined curves and plenty of admiration from others, she writes.

In comes motherhood and the "after" shot.

"I ate a little more cake, I drank a little more wine. I made mug cakes at 9:00 p.m. and snuggled on the couch with my husband," said Mum on the Run. All of which resulted in stretch marks, a thicker body and feelings of shame.

"But you know what?" Mazza shared on Facebook. "I have achieved more with this body, then I have with my old body. I've eaten more good foods. I've lived more, I've given more, I've enjoyed more. I've made life. This body, THIS body should be celebrated and admired."

Her honesty is admirable. as she states that although she still wants to look like the first photo, for now she is content with the body she has.  She has accepted where she is in her journey and has chosen to love her body because of what it represents.

And Mazza's story has certainly resonated. Her Facebook post has been shared nearly 8,000 times, and many people have voiced their support in the comments.

This is a good reminder that whether thick or thin, a person's body is so much more than a number on a scale or the reflection in the mirror.