This Blind Horse Has Her Own Seeing-Eye Camel [Video]

All of us can use a helping hoof hand now and again. That's the basis for this story about Dolly the horse and her friend Caeser the camel. They both reside at the Pony X-Press Zoo in Winslow, Maine.

Dolly has unfortunately lost most of her sight, and now the 5-year-old Caeser helps Dolly out, guiding her around the farm. As the story goes, they've been good for each other for awhile now.

According to WABI-TV, Caeser the camel was a bit of a rowdy guy upon his arrival there. Since there were no other camels to show him how to act, Dolly stepped in—she still had her sight—and they bonded. Both were moved to the same enclosure.

“They just kind of bonded," Pony X-Press co-owner Ed Papsis told WABI. "She kept teaching him right, and wrong, and how to act, and as she lost her sight, she depended more and more on him. And he would kind of be her eyes as far as if she was lost and couldn't find something, he'd bellow to her and she'd whinny back and they'd come to the feed bucket or whatever they were looking for."

The animals of the 25-year-old zoo visit area fairs, festivals, schools, nursing homes. Co-owner Candis Veilleux added on WABI that Caeser is more than a seeing-eye camel for Dolly.

“Most of them would be euthanized with complete blindness because it's very hard for them to navigate a pasture and it was slow and we didn't really want to have her euthanized because she's a wonderful horse," Veilleux said. "It just worked out—we found a good niche for her to be with Caesar and give him company, and he's right in love with her and she is with him."

Now if this story doesn't warm your heart, I don't know what will.