Blind Dog Missing For Over A Week Is Finally Found

If you haven't heard about the adorable, elderly, blind dog that got lost in California last week, let us catch you up. Sage is a 12-year-old Labrador who is blind in both eyes due to a tumor and glaucoma.

She is a very good dog who got lost in her family's town of Boulder Creek, California, reported CBS San Francisco. Luckily, she's home again thanks to a neighbor who rescued her.

The whole sad story began after the family spent some time together outside in the yard. Upon coming indoors, they realized Sage wasn't with them—she had been accidentally left outside. The family immediately formed a search party with friends and neighbors, but Sage was nowhere to be found.

Sage's family searched for days. After a week, the family had lost hope. By day eight, they were sure poor Sage had gone to dog heaven. Despite their fears, Cole and her family put up flyers around the neighborhood, posted on social media and spread Sage's story as far as they could.

"We have predators in the area, so we thought there was a chance she'd died," Sage's owner Beth Cole told The Dodo in an interview.

But the story has a happy ending—the Cole's neighbor, Dan Estrada, found Sage by accident while hiking with a friend and his own dogs. While walking in the woods near his home, Estrada saw something next to a stream at the bottom of a hill.

He first assumed it was a bag of trash, and then saw that it was poor, blind Sage. Estrada was sure Sage was dead—she wasn't moving.

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"I just said to myself, 'Oh no,' because now we'd have to do body recovery," Estrada told The Dodo. "On top of that, I'd have to tell her family, and be the bearer of bad news."

But as he carefully made his way down the hill, his hiking partner yelled to him—he had noticed that Sage was alive; she had picked up her head.