Baby Thrown From Car Miraculously Survives With No Injuries [Video]

It is every parent's worst nightmare: Getting into a terrible car crash with your infant in the car. Such was the case for Jakesia Colson, whose 8-month-old baby was ejected from her vehicle during a car accident.

Colson's young baby was thrown from their family's car on the highway in Arkansas after an 18-wheeler sideswiped them. The car seat was not properly installed and the infant was not restrained correctly, meaning that the accident sent her soaring out the window. Rescuers searched for her in the dark, looking for any trace of the young girl and moving hay and dirt out of the way to try and find her.

One of the firefighters confessed that it was a "recovery" mission, meaning that they were seeking her body and not expecting to the find the baby alive after such a horrific accident. However, a Good Samaritan who was helping in the search heard a faint cry. The noise led to the kind stranger to a shocking scene. The infant was trapped in a storage drain (pictured below), some 25 feet from the highway, where she'd apparently landed after the crash.

ABC News

Somehow the baby had survived the crash, and—despite being thrown into the drain—did not have any serious injuries. She had just a scratch on her forehead and a little grass in her mouth, as her mom reports. The baby was sitting up inside the drain, and she reached her arms up to rescue workers when they went to lift her out.

Both the mother and the rescue team agree that the baby surviving the crash is nothing short of a miracle.

The story is an uplifting one, but it is also a good reminder to always practice car seat safety. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death for children under age 13, but car seat safety laws and education have helped to dramatically decrease the number of fatalities. This is an especially important reminder in the winter months, as bulky coats can impede the effectiveness of car seats and put your children at risk during an accident.

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