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This Baby Is In Love With A Ginormous Teddy Bear, And We’ve Never Seen Anything Cuter

Okay, be prepared to see the cutest thing ever.

When you're a little kid, teddy bears are the best, right? Well, this baby thinks so, too, and can't get enough of this gigantic one her grandfather gave her.

Yep, 5-month-old Madeline is the proud owner of this bear, all 93 inches of him.

Her mother, Sabrina Gonzalez, posted about it on Twitter and people like us ate. it. up.

Since she posted the pictures, on September 16, they've since been retweeted 47,000 times (!) and given the “heart” icon 69,000 times. In other words, people love it.

Apparently, Gonzalez's dad, who works at Costco, posted a picture of himself with the bears when they were delivered to the store, according to BuzzFeed News.

“Maddie needs one of those,” Gonzalez jokingly commented.

Her dad got one for Maddie—and it's certainly no joke.

As much as Maddie loves the bear, the bear seems to love her, too.

Is it just us, or does this look like the perfect ad to sell these bears?! Just sayin'.

Here's another angle. Too cute!

The Snuggle Bear even feels a bit left out.

And, look: The teddy bear seats a lot of people. Cuddles for everyone!

Maddie and her bear have gotten attention from all over the world, including around the U.S.

And Sabrina will make sure to save all the stories for Maddie.

Here's the happy mother-and-daughter pair. Aww.

Want a ginormous teddy bear of your own? You can check out Costco's HugFun Bear here (so appropriately named, right?), the same one that Maddie has. (Hint: You may want to make sure whomever you get it for has the space for it? or you can always keep it for yourself!)