Baby Girl Is Fourth Generation To Inherit Same Unique Physical Trait

We all know that certain physical traits are passed down through generations of families. Blue eyes, strong chins, curly hair.

For 18-month-old MilliAnna of Ridgeland, South Carolina, what she's inherited is much more unique. She has inherited a distinctive patch of white hair on the top of her head that her great-grandmother, grandmother and mother all have as well.

The trademark look comes from something called poliosis, which is a condition that leaves certain hair-covered parts of the body (like the scalp) with a lack of color.

Brianna Worthy is MilliAnna's mom, and she told the Daily Mail that she's happy her daughter was born with the same distinctive streak that the women who came before her also have.

"We are unsure how far back the birthmark goes as my grandmother was adopted as a child and hasn't met her biological family," she said. "I was hoping she did have it. My younger sister that my mother had a few years after me didn't get it, so I didn't know if MilliAnna was going to, but once I had her and they laid her on my chest and I saw she had it [and] I was so happy."

Of course, once MilliAnna hits school age, Worthy worries that she may be teased for her white streak.

"I had several names such as skunk that kids would try to insult me with as a child," she said to Daily Mail. "Sometimes it would bother me when I was younger, but I grew to end up really loving it in my hair and was confident that it was my own unique signature look. I plan to raise my daughter knowing she is beautiful and special and to not listen to people's mean comments at times."

We couldn't agree more, and wish little MilliAnna all the best.


h/t: Good Housekeeping, Daily Mail.