Miracle Baby Found In Dumpster 20 Years Ago Reunites With Her ‘Guardian Angel’

Morgan Hill had always known she was adopted. What she hadn't known, until a couple years ago, was that she was found in a dumpster.

On a cool fall morning in October 1995, a construction worker named Gerald "Rocky" Hyatt was throwing some garbage out into the dumpster when he heard whimpering sounds. He listened again to make sure it wasn't the wind blowing. After another second, he heard the whimpering coming from the middle of the dumpster. He wasn't sure if it was a baby or a cat, but this time, he was sure he'd heard it coming from the double-knotted kitchen bag in the dumpster. He pulled the bag out, and that's when he discovered a newborn baby inside, left for dead.

Hyatt rushed the baby to the hospital, where nurses named her Mary Grace because of the miracle they had just witnessed. After nurses made sure the baby was stable, Mary Grace was soon adopted and renamed Morgan Hill.

For months, the story of the miracle dumpster baby was famous throughout Chicago. But it wasn't until recently that Morgan found out about her origins.

Her adoptive mother, Sandi Hill, kept a binder full of news clippings about Mary Grace, and one day gave that binder to Morgan to look through. After realizing she was Mary Grace, Morgan went out to find her "guardian angel," the construction worker who saved her life two decades ago.

For two years, the 20-year-old Morgan came up empty. She couldn't find him to thank him and tell him how much his actions meant to her.

Then a local news team got on board to help with her search. Finally, after years of searching, Morgan had the chance to reunite with Rocky Hyatt, her guardian angel. She couldn't thank him enough for his actions, and he told her, "Baby girl, you are so loved."

You can watch the reunion happen here. Grab a box of tissues, and watch for Morgan's reaction when she finally sees Rocky.