Hear The First Cries From The Baby Who Was Just Born On A Southwest Airlines Flight [Video]

When most pregnant women envision giving birth, they imagine doing so in a warm, brightly lit hospital room with their loved ones surrounding them, not to mention an expertly-trained team of doctors and nurses. But sometimes life has other plans.

Such was the case for a woman who gave birth while on a Dec. 4 Southwest Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Orlando. Passenger Izzy Gould captured the baby's first cries on his smartphone and uploaded the video to his Twitter page, and the story quickly went viral as people celebrated the safe birth.

The flight was diverted to Charleston, South Carolina, after the woman went into labor mid-flight. Thankfully, there were medical staff on board were able to quickly aid the woman and ensure that the labor was safe for both mama and baby.

In the video Gould uploaded to his Twitter page, you can hear the newborn baby crying. As any parent knows, that's a heartening sound, and a good prognosis for the baby's health and well-being.

Watch the video here:

Gould shares that the medical personnel and the Southwest team were incredibly professional and dedicated to their jobs:

Some folks have asked a few logical follow-up questions about this baby born in flight. Will she get free flights for life? Will he be named Southwest?

One thing is for sure: This mama deserves massive applause. Giving birth can be scary and overwhelming, but doing so thousands of miles in the air, away from your doctor and a clean hospital?

Good for you, mama! You did it. And here's to the amazing Southwest team who helped to deliver the baby and ensured that the mom was afforded the privacy and assistance she needed. It's always good to hear positive stories about flight teams, as they often don't get the credit and gratitude they deserve.

Congratulations to the proud parents and the wee one!