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Autistic Man Will Only Wear The Same Shirt Every Day, So Walmart Sends Him 10 Of Them

Danny Nolin is a 24-year-old from West Palm Beach, Florida, who has autism and Down syndrome. For the last three months, Nolin has decided to wear one shirt. Just one shirt.

A shirt from Ocean Pacific that his mom got at Walmart became his favorite. Problem is, after repeated washing in such a short period, it was starting to wear out.

“He's got something that he enjoys wearing," his father Greg told WPTV. "It's something that makes him feel good and that's it. The material got thinner and thinner, and sometimes he would put his hands underneath the shirt and put his finger through it and first it's a little hole and then before you know it you got a rip six inches long.”


So Danny's dad (that's him above) went in search of a new shirt, but was unable to find one at any of the six Walmart locations near their home. He posted on Facebook looking for help, and his nephew Sean, a pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, also got involved on Twitter.

And there's the exact shirt on eBay:

Well, it turns out Walmart got wind of this effort, and was able to FedEx 10 shirts directly to Danny. What a happy ending!

“I'm so thankful to Walmart and everyone for the response,” Nolin told WPTV. “A lot of times these kids can't do things on their own. I'm so thankful.”