Is There Anything Cuter Than This Baby’s Bouffant Hairstyle?

Junior Cox-Noon is not even 3 months old, but he's already famous. Well, at least at his local grocery store.

His mom, Chelsea Noon, told The Daily Mail that what used to be a quick 40-minute trip to the supermarket now takes a couple of hours thanks to her sweet son and his full head of hair.

It is true that many parents with young babies get stopped in the store, as other patrons stop to coo over their newborns. And with hair like Junior's, those stops are undoubtedly multiplied. Junior doesn't seem to mind though. He will even smirk when people try to touch his standout locks.

Noon said that she has tried to just keep a hat on him to make the trip a little faster, but Junior wants no part of hiding that hair. He cries every time she tries to cover it up.

Junior was born with his full head of hair, but Noon said the midwives and other medical staff told her he'd likely lose his locks, as newborns tend to do. This has not been the case for Junior. Instead, it has just grown longer!

Noon said she uses a hairdryer to blow his thick hair dry, which could explain why his hair's ended up with so much volume. Noon said that it would just take too long to dry if she didn't. But cutting that distinctive head of hair just isn't an option for mom. Besides, "Baby Bear" as he's affectionately been nicknamed, just wouldn't look the same without it.

At least Baby Bear doesn't seem to mind the blowdryer!

No word on whether Noon experienced a good deal of heartburn during her pregnancy or not. While it's generally regarded to be an old wives' tale that babies with a lot of hair in the womb tend to give their mothers heartburn, a 2007 Johns Hopkins University study actually found the correlation to be true!