Anxious Rescue Dog Is Scared Of Everything Except This Baby

Sometimes the world can feel like a dark place. It's good to have positive stories that will remind you that there is plenty of love and goodness to go around. This adorable story gives us that daily dose of reassurance.

Elizabeth Spence is a confirmed animal-lover. She is also a mother of three. Many people would never think of bringing a young rescue dog into their already busy home, but that is exactly what Spence did (even though she already had 2 rescue dogs, 3 rescue cats? and, of course, 3 kids).

But when Spence brought home 8-year-old English pointer, Nora, she was concerned that the dog would struggle to feel comfortable in their family's home. Nora suffered a tragic past of abuse, and as such she was very anxious and hesitant around humans.

Enter Archie, Spence's 11-month-old son. This bundle of cuteness instantly took a liking to Nora, as he was no stranger to animals, thanks to growing up in a house full of fur babies.

It seems like the last thing an anxious doggie would want is a unpredictable toddler cuddling her, but Spence says the exact opposite happened. She says that Nora absolutely melted around Archie, and that Nora is now so bonded to Archie that she will not make a move without him.

She follows him all around the house, sitting on the bath rug when he is being bathed or napping with him whenever Archie is tired.

It's so cute we can't even.

We just can't.


Our hearts have officially melted. Everywhere.

It's official. Archie and Nora have brought joy to even the bleakest day. Now who else wants to grab a blankie and cuddle up next to these love-balls? Where can we sign up for that?

Melt your heart with even more photos on Spence's Instagram account.