Animal Hospital Gives A Wheelchair To Every Stray Dog Who Needs One

No animal should ever be left behind, even the ones who are different from the pack.

That is the belief at Adăpostul Speranța, an animal hospital in Romania that not only takes in stray dogs. If they come across a stray dog who's unable to walk, the hospital staff will give the dog a wheelchair.

"At Speranta, we insist not to leave any dog behind," reads a recent Facebook post. "With the help of their specially built carts, our doggies that can't move their back legs anymore live a happy life."

Though some would put the animals to sleep simply because of this disability, Speranta reserves that outcome only for those who are suffering.

"Beside the worst of cases, when putting a dog to sleep can save him from a life of torment and pain, we absolutely refuse to end a life that, with proper care, can be a happy one," the post reads.

With the help of the carts, paraplegic dogs can do what any other dog could do. The dogs run around, go outside in the grass and sometimes race each other.

The organization that runs the hospital, Fundatia Speranta, wants to make sure every dog in the Romanian capital of Bucharest who needs this type of care will have it one day. With the winter approaching, many of the dogs will need new wheelchairs due to growth or wear and tear. The hospital is asking for donations to help create more specialty wheels. The hospital wrote on Facebook that 11 dogs are currently in need of new carts.


Once again, animals are pulling at our heartstrings. This hospital is giving stray dogs a chance at life and happiness. Most of the dogs have a sad past, but it is the joy of seeing them run around that is the hospital's ultimate reward.