Amazing Photos Taken At The Perfect Moment

Photography is an interesting art form. People can stage thing to make them look more lovely or just even more bizarre. But sometimes, there are photos that are one in a million. That’s to say that you can only take these photos with perfect timing that you could never even plan for. Let’s take a look at some of that amazing photos.

Cargo Nearly Lost

This ship hit a pretty bad wave or something while it was cruising along. The tilt almost caused all of the cargo to fall off. And that would’ve been very unfortunate.


Looks like someone was a little late on the ejector seat there. The jet may have crashed, but at least the pilot got out.

The Sneaking Gator

You may not see it immediately, after all, gators are stealthy creatures. That’s the reason this woman didn’t see the gator. Don’t worry, both the woman and the gator were unharmed following this encounter.

Sucked In By The Whale Shark

This would really be a scary sight. The whale shark is the largest fish in the ocean, and they have a rather intimidating presence. Fortunately, they’re big softies. They only actually eat plankton and other tiny creatures.

Crashed Racer

This man really got some hang time after being thrown from his race car. While the crash may have been scary, the trip back down was probably just as bad.

A Close Call

Speaking of car wrecks, here’s another close call. The car literally crashed right beside someone.

A Fear Of Clowns

A fear of clowns is called caulrophobia. Let’s hope that the man from the bakery with all the trays doesn’t have that.

Right Into The Boat

This person probably thought that they could do a cool trick with their bike. Maybe they thought they could jump the river or something. Well, instead, they’re going face first into that canoe.

A Wandering Eye

There’s a wandering eye and then there’s this. Rubberneck all you want, just make sure you don’t walk headfirst into a pole.

Just Like On The Titanic

“I feel like I’m flying!” Well, the bird actually was flying, and apparently you did something to bother it. Just goes to show you how reenacting movie scenes is a bad idea.

Shark In The Waves

Surfing’s pretty difficult to get the hang of. Trying to avoid a shark while learning probably isn’t the best situation to be in, even on a smaller wave.

“We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat”

Going out in the middle of a bay or lake may not be as good an idea as you’d expect. This humpback whale’s beach is well as way to splintering the pair’s boat.

Camel Bites

Camels seem a lot less volatile than they actually are. This woman learned this first hand when this one gave her a nasty bite on the side of the head.


The cat seemed to jump or pounce at just the right moment where you couldn’t see its legs. Now it’s a just a ball of fluff headed towards the camera.

Losing Its Stinger

It’s pretty hard to get an image of a bee in the middle of losing its stinger. Unfortunately for bees, their stingers aren’t designed to pierce human skin and the removal of their stinger spells their doom.


This girl clearly wasn’t prepared for the ball straight to her face, given how there was barely a reaction even as the ball leaves an imprint on her face.

Taken Out Of The Game

Everyone in this image is clearly moving to avoid the bat. Unfortunately, one man was unable to react in time. And he was smacked right across the face.

Cougar In The Shadows

It looks like this hunter is about to lose his catch. Either that or him and this cougar are going to have a fun time together.

Kicking The Bird

Creating a bird feeder sounds nice on paper, but then you have situations like this. Birds can be territorial too ya know.

Standing On Clouds

This skydiver was really falling with style. Perfectly positioned to appear to be standing on the clouds.

Another Ejection

First a jet, then a car, now we’ve got someone getting ejected from a horse. Looks like their grip on the reigns wasn’t strong enough.

Right Into The Eye

People that are more familiar with firearms are aware of recoil. Standing up with this scope right to their eye is frankly, a recipe for disaster.

Fish Head

Going snorkling can be really fun, so much so you’ll need to take a photo of it. Depending on the amount of fish around though, you’ll probably be photobombed.

Minibike Malfunction

Looks like this person should’ve stopped in for a pit stop during the race they were in. Or they should’ve just gotten a better bike.

Breaking Antiques

You can’t really even fully fault this man for the soon to be broken vase in this image. The one he was taking a picture of was in a glass case, so why wasn’t the other one? Not to mention, if this was a possibility, why would you leave things open enough that people could walk right up to the art?

The Eagle’s Prey

Most of the time, people think of crocodiles and alligators as apex predators. Well, looks like the eagle didn’t agree in this case.