This Amazing Little Girl Born Without Arms Has Found A Way To Feed Herself [Video]

Videos of hungry toddlers learning to eat are nothing new, but this video is a whole new level of awesome.

Little Vaslina Knutzen was born without arms, so feeding herself understandably comes with added challenges. One might think eating armless to be a non-starter, but that's not the case for Vaslina. She is tackling the task despite her disability, and 70 million people are standing up to cheer.

Vaslina's mom, Elmira, posted this video to Facebook on Oct. 12. Since then, the post has gone viral—a testament to Elmira's determination as well as this little one's ability to inspire us all.

In the short video, the toddler, who lives in Russia, demonstrates how she feeds herself using her feet. She grips her fork between two toes of her right foot, and tries to get a stubborn piece of potato in her mouth. She doesn't quite make it.

You can hear proud mom laughing in the background, as Vaslina uses her other foot to make some subtle adjustments and bam! She gets it. Victory tastes so sweet (or a lot like a potato in this case!).

Vaslina, you are amazing! Thank you for teaching us that any challenge can be met with a little determination and a lot of practice.