All The New Shows Coming To Netflix

Netflix has been cranking out new original shows by the dozens over the past few years and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down. Whether you like traditional sitcoms, comedies with a serious edge, gritty dramas, nail-biting thrillers, love stories, reality competitions or virtually any other genre you can imagine, the streaming service has an original show for you to binge.

We’ve been keeping an eye on Netflix’s new release calendar and here are all the new series — and new seasons of returning favorites — that have been given hard release dates or windows.

‘Special’ — Season Two

Debuting: May 20

The new season of Netflix’s “Special” will drop on May 20 and will be the final batch of new episodes of this quirky comedy. If you’ve missed it thus far, it follows a man named Ryan, who is gay and has mild cerebral palsy. The series is a semi-fictional telling of star and creator Ryan O’Connell’s own real-life story. Netflix says the second season will have eight episodes and will follow main characters Ryan, Karen and Kim as they “come into their power and realize they all deserve big gorgeous lives.”

‘Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous’ — Season Three

Debuting: May 21

Although it only debuted in September 2020, “Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous” is already set for its third season to stream. The animated kids’ series follows a group of teens who get to go to camp at the infamous theme park in the title. The series is executive produced by Steven Spielberg and has attracted solid reviews from critics and audiences since it first dropped.

‘Master Of None Presents: Moments In Love’

Debuting: May 23

It’s been four years since new episodes of “Master of None” hit Netflix and it wasn’t clear if the show would ever return. The comedy-drama was one of the most acclaimed shows in the streamer’s history when it was active, which makes its return pretty exciting. Star Aziz Ansari has directed and co-written all five of the new episodes, while series breakout Lena Waithe (who has won an Emmy for her writing on “Master of None”) co-wrote them with him. The new season will follow Waithe’s character, Denise, as she navigates a relationship.

‘High On The Hog’

Debuting: May 26

Netflix has dallied in food documentaries in the past and “High on the Hog” is the newest one. This four-episode series is described as “moving” by the studio and sets its sights on the rich culinary history of Africa and how it impacted American cooking. Food writer Stephen Satterfield, who founded Whetstone Magazine, hosts the show and leads viewers on this delicious journey.


Debuting: May 27

Anime is a genre where Netflix has had a lot of success in recent years and “Eden” looks to be one of the studio’s most ambitious attempts at it. This new series comes from the director of “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood,” which is widely considered to be one of Japanese animation’s greatest achievements. The show is set thousands of years in the future, in a world inhabited by robots who believe humans were simply an ancient myth, until two of the robots stumble upon a baby girl who had been sleeping in stasis. The series will consist of four episodes and is scheduled to drop on May 27.

‘The Kominsky Method’ — Season 3

Debuting: May 28

When it was announced that Alan Arkin would not be returning for the third and final season of “The Kominsky Method,” fans of the Golden Globe-winning series were bummed. But star Michael Douglas will be back and he’ll be joined by heavyweight talents like Morgan Freeman and Kathleen Turner. Douglas plays an aging actor in the half-hour comedy, which will see six episodes in its final batch on May 28.

‘Lucifer’ — Season Five, Part Two

Debuting: May 28

When Fox canceled “Lucifer” after three seasons, fans were disappointed (to put it mildly), but Netflix swooped in and rescued the series from the junk bin. The studio produced and aired a fourth season in 2019 and the first eight episodes of the fifth season in 2020. The second half of the fifth season is coming to Netflix on May 28.

A 10-episode sixth season, which will likely come in 2022, is planned to be the last for the cult-favorite show — for real this time — based on tweets from co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich. For the uninitiated, the series follows Lucifer as he comes to Los Angeles and gets into the nightclub business.

‘Sweet Tooth’

Debuting: June 4

This intriguing series follows a boy named Gus, who is part of a mysterious race of animal-human hybrids. The boy, who is half-deer, befriends a wanderer and sets off with him to learn about his origin. It’s based on a DC Comics series and includes Robert Downey Jr. among its producers. “Sweet Tooth” will see its first eight episodes streaming on June 4.


Debuting: June 25

This new series sounds perfect for late-night binge sessions. “Sex/Life” follows a married woman who suddenly longs for the wild life she thought she left behind in her youth. As she reconnects with an old lover who broke her heart, she begins putting her marriage and the life she’s built in danger while she explores her buried desires. It stars Sarah Shahi from “The L Word” and “Person of Interest.”

‘Record Of Ragnarok’

Debuting:  June 2021

With an animation style that calls to mind anime classics, this new series will probably thrill fans of the genre. “Record of Ragnarok” tells an action-packed story about gods and humans battling one-on-one for the fate of humanity. It’s based on a manga series that debuted in Japan in 2018 to great popularity.

‘Too Hot To Handle’ — Season 2

Debuting: June 2021

Reality TV fans were overjoyed to hear that Netflix was bringing back its steamy show, “Too Hot to Handle,” for another batch of episodes. The second season will drop in June, but no artwork has been released yet, so this image is of the cast from the initial run. The first season saw a group of attractive young people dropped onto an island together, with the twist that they couldn’t have any sex for four weeks or else they’d forfeit the $100,000 prize at stake. Since the twist was a surprise to the contestants the first time around, it’s unclear if the same one will be used this time or if the show will switch up its formula.

‘Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’

Debuting: July 2021

Netflix has a live-action “Resident Evil” in the works, but until that one is ready to drop, fans of the legendary horror video game franchise will be able to dig into this new anime show. “Infinite Darkness” follows the action of the animated 2017 movie, “Resident Evil: Vendetta,” and will use the same groundbreaking 3DCG artwork that has been advanced since then. The action follows two fan-favorite characters from the franchise, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

‘Sex Education’ — Season Three

Debuting: July 2021

Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield co-star in this adult comedy as a mother-son duo with a unique dynamic. Anderson plays a frank sex therapist and Butterfield plays her awkward teen son who sets up a sex clinic at his school to give classmates advice that he’s gleaned from his mother’s expertise. A third season of episodes is nearly set for release following numerous pandemic-related production delays in 2020 — and that’s good news for fans who’ve given this show stellar ratings at IMDb. July 2021 is the latest window that’s been teased for the awaited debut.

‘Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy: Kingdom’

Debuting: July 2021

A year after its first batch of episodes dropped, Netflix’s “Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy” will wrap with its third season in July. The new entry, titled “Kingdom,” will pick up where December’s “Earthrise” left off, as the Autobots and Decepticons waged war against one another. The series has been praised for its animation and writing thus far, with the first two seasons averaging a 90% score from critics at Rotten Tomatoes.

‘Hit And Run’

Debuting: August 2021

This action thriller was partially filmed on location in Israel and follows a man who searches across borders for his wife’s killers after she is the victim of a hit-and-run in Tel Aviv. The first season of “Hit and Run” is expected to run for nine episodes and will star Lior Raz, shown here, who is also the show’s co-creator and executive producer. Raz was also behind Netflix’s hit Israeli series “Fauda,” which has been acclaimed by viewers and critics. The majority of episodes will be directed by Mike Barker, who is best known for directing 12 episodes of Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale.”


Debuting: Late 2021

Netflix is going out of its way to create content aimed at gamers and “Arcane” will be a prime example of that. This new adult animated series is being co-produced by Riot Games, the makers of the mega-popular “League of Legends” online multiplayer game. “Arcane” will be set within the world of that game and will be the first foray into television production for Riot Games. Netflix has it slated for debut late this year.

‘Battle Kitty’

Debuting: 2021

The kiddos are getting a new Netflix original this year that sounds very interesting. “Battle Kitty” is being billed by the studio as an animated show that is also interactive. It sounds like it could be a blend of gaming and TV storytelling in a style similar to that of other groundbreaking Netflix originals like “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend.” Kids will follow Kitty on a quest to become the champion of Battle Island, exploring the show however they wish and unlocking new paths as they go. But a major difference here is that Netflix has “Battle Kitty” slated for nine episodes, rather than just a single entry.

‘Black Summer’ — Season Two

Debuting: 2021

It’s pretty ironic when a show about a global crisis is delayed by an actual global crisis. That’s what happened with Netflix’s “Black Summer,” which follows people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. The show’s second season was supposed to drop in 2020, but is now expected to come out in 2021. The show stars Jaime King and comes from the same writers behind “Z Nation.” The first season was a brisk eight episodes, making it an easy one to catch up on.


Debuting: 2021

This new animated series is joining Netflix’s lineup of programming aimed at kids. “Centaurworld” has a fantastic premise: A tough war horse somehow gets transported from her hardened world to a colorful one populated with silly centaurs who like to sing. She tries to make it back home with help from new friends. The art style from the promotional image provided by Netflix looks pretty fun and whimsical, which sounds like what we all need after the past year.


Debuting: 2021

Slated for debut this year, Netflix’s “Clickbait” is being filmed and produced in Australia. The limited series is set for an eight-episode run and is described as a character-based thriller that peers into the way social media and online culture bring out humanity’s worst impulses. Zoe Kazan, pictured here, will star as Pia, a woman who is at the center of a sensational media obsession when her brother goes missing.

‘Colin In Black & White’

Debuting: 2021

Filmmaker Ava DuVernay, who was behind “When They See Us,” which is among the best shows Netflix has ever produced, is executive producing this new series. It will dramatize the formative years of former NFL quarterback and activist Colin Kaepernick’s life. Kaepernick is co-producing the show and will narrate it. “Colin in Black & White” is set for a six-episode run as a limited series.

‘The Cuphead Show!’

Debuting: 2021

The 2017 video game “Cuphead” became a smash hit because of its gorgeous visuals, inspired by 1930s animation, and its insanely difficult gameplay. Netflix is going to be the home of a new animated series that expands the imaginative world of the game without making you want to throw your controller against a wall. “The Cuphead Show!” will follow Cuphead and his brother, Mugman, as they get into misadventures on the Inkwell Isles. Studio MDHR, the maker of the game, is behind the show’s production.


Debuting: 2021

Oscar nominee Margot Robbie is listed as an executive producer on this new drama, which sounds like it could be powerful television. “Maid” will be based on the best-selling memoir, “Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay and a Mother’s Will to Survive,” which was written by Stephanie Land. Margaret Qualley, pictured here, will star in the series as a woman who is a single mother working as a maid as she battles to overcome homelessness.

‘Masters Of The Universe: Revelation’

Debuting: 2021

The cast of this update on the beloved 1980s toy and TV franchise, “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe,” is stacked from top to bottom. Actors including Mark Hamill, Lena Headey, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Henry Rollins and Tony Todd will be lending their voice talents to the new animated show, which will be co-produced by Mattel. Uber-geek Kevin Smith, pictured here, is bringing the whole series together and will be working as showrunner, according to Netflix.

‘Maya And The Three’

Debuting: 2021

This series has been building plenty of buzz since it was first announced by Netflix in 2018. “Maya and the Three” will be an animated kids’ show inspired by Mesoamerican mythology and follows the adventures of Maya, a warrior princess. The show is set to be a limited series that will be told in nine half-hour episodes that are expected to debut in 2021. Jorge Gutierrez, the director of the acclaimed film, “The Book of Life,” is behind this new Netflix original.


Debuting: 2021

Netflix has yet to release any promotional artwork for this new adult animated series but it’s been rumored for a 2021 release all the same. “Q-Force” will follow a handsome secret agent who happens to be gay and works with a team of fellow LGBTQ+ spies called the Q-Force. According to Netflix, the team is constantly underestimated by others and must prove itself in the field. Michael Schur, producer of “The Office” and co-creator of “Parks and Recreation,” is listed as an executive producer, alongside “Will & Grace” star Sean Hayes, who is pictured here.

‘Sharing The Wisdom Of Time’

Debuting: 2021

Netflix has teamed up with a diverse array of creators over the years and now you can count Pope Francis among them. “Sharing the Wisdom of Time” is a four-part documentary series based on the religious leader’s 2018 book of the same name. The show will see people over the age of 70 telling their own story to a filmmaker who is from the same country as them and is under 30, in sit-down interview fashion. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pope Francis will also be featured in the series, which is expected to debut this year.

‘Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo’

Debuting: Mid-2021

Following up on the success of her 2019 Netflix series, “Tidying Up,” Marie Kondo is back with another reality show called “Sparking Joy.” The Japanese organizational guru inspires people to better organize their living spaces by getting rid of things that don’t bring them joy, which made for feel-good TV the first time around. This new series will take a broader look at the impact Kondo’s tidying methods can have on businesses and communities, as well as giving fans a closer look into the host’s own home, according to Netflix.


Debuting: 2021

Another addition to Netflix’s growing queue of original anime, “Spriggan” is expected to unleash its first season of episodes in 2021. The manga series upon which it’s based was a massive hit in the early 1990s, making the license of this franchise a major get for the streaming service. The high-stakes story follows an agent known as a spriggan, who is working to keep the powerful secrets of an ancient and technologically advanced civilization hidden from those who would exploit them.

‘Super Crooks’

Debuting: 2021

Legendary comic book writer Mark Millar co-created the print series that this new animated show is based on. Netflix promises “crime and thrills meets supernatural powers” in “Super Crooks,” which will be aimed at adults. With Millar’s work also being the basis for slick adaptations like “Kick-Ass,” “Wanted” and “Kingsman,” this one could be a lot of fun when it debuts. This shows the artwork from one of the issues of the comic series, which makes it look like you should expect plenty of attitude.

‘Terra Vision’

Debuting: 2021

If you loved AMC’s underrated “Halt and Catch Fire,” which happens to be streaming on Netflix, this new original series sounds like it could be in your wheelhouse. “Terra Vision” will tell the true story of a pair of German computer engineers who sued Google over the algorithm used by Google Earth, which they claimed to have invented. Hacking, coding and early days of Silicon Valley will be central figures of this one, according to Netflix. It is set for release as a miniseries. Lavinia Wilson, pictured here, is among the cast.

‘Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!’

Debuting: Late 2021

Netflix is teaming up with Mattel to bring a new generation of kids into the fandom of Thomas the Tank Engine. The beloved character, which debuted in print in 1945, will return to television in late 2021, when “Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!” debuts on Netflix and Cartoon Network. A cast of friendly locomotives will join Thomas in this animated series, which will also include plenty of songs, according to Mattel.


Debuting: 2021

This sounds like another intriguing addition to Netflix’s growing anime collection. “Trese” is based on a graphic novel from the Philippines and follows a woman named Alexandra Trese as she battles a criminal underworld filled with supernatural beings and mythical figures from that country’s folklore. Viewers will be able to watch “Trese” in Filipino or in English, where “Pretty Little Liars” actor Shay Mitchell will provide the title character’s voice.

‘Vampire In The Garden’

Debuting: 2021

Anime lovers will be excited to see this new series from Wit Studio, the artists behind “Attack on Titan.” This Japanese production for Netflix is particularly interesting because it tells an original story, rather than being an adaptation of a popular manga or other work. According to the streaming giant, “Vampire in the Garden” will look at an unlikely bond formed by two girls, one of whom is a human and one of whom is a vampire. The show will also use music as a major part of its storytelling.

‘You’ — Season Three

Debuting: 2021

Viewers who have been gripped by the creepiness of Netflix’s original series, “You,” will have a new batch of episodes to binge. The show follows a charming man who gets obsessed with people and finds ways to insert himself into their lives. It comes from a partnership between the director of “Love, Simon” and the co-creator of SyFy’s “The Magicians” and has clearly found an audience on Netflix. The studio says the third season will drop in 2021.

‘Cyberpunk: Edgerunners’

Debuting: 2022

The video game “Cyberpunk 2077” was one of America’s top sellers of 2020 and Netflix is banking on that popularity to translate to an audience of viewers. Set for a 2022 release, “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” will be set in the same world as the game, which was a neon-tinted vision of the future where people are obsessed with modifying their bodies using synthetic components. The animated show is coming from the Japanese studio behind the acclaimed anime series “Kill la Kill.”

‘Heart Of Invictus’

Debuting: 2022

Archewell Productions, the media company formed by Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is behind this new docu-series, which is slated for a 2022 release. “Heart of Invictus” will take a close look at the competitors in the 2022 Invictus Games, which is an annual athletic event that sees veterans and active service members who’ve been injured in the line of duty compete. In addition to serving as executive producer on the series, Harry will appear on camera as well.

Untitled Ayrton Senna Series

Debuting: 2022

One of Netflix’s most anticipated series slated for a 2022 release will definitely be this high-octane drama. The show doesn’t have a title yet but it will be the first dramatized TV production about the life of legendary Formula One driver Ayrton Senna, who is pictured here. The Brazilian icon was killed during a race in 1994 after a career that saw him become one of the best to ever drive in that sport. The miniseries will cover his entire racing career in eight episodes and will be shot in English and Portuguese.