All The Awesome And Over-The-Top Pool Floats You Can Buy Now

These days, pool floats are anything but boring. While you could probably still find some plain old round-shaped inner tubes for sale somewhere, why would you want to adorn your pool or lake life with those when you could instead float the day away on an oversized avocado or a giant pink flamingo?

From floats built for a party to solo-sized statement-makers, take a look at some of the funniest and coolest pool floats we’ve found.

This Floating Lounge Chair Changes Colors

Prefer to sit up and have a conversation while you’re floating around the pool rather than just working on your tan? Then this inflatable lounge chair ($129) should be on your radar. At the flick of a switch, the entire float also lights up in 12 different changing colors, adding some glow-in-the-dark ambiance to any pool party.

Host A Party Aboard This 6-Person Rainbow Float

This giant Funboy rainbow float ($369) has a 7-foot-tall rainbow arch and can accommodate six people. That basically makes it a party on a float — especially since there’s also a built-in cooler and six cup holders for your drinks. Plus, despite its size, it only takes 10 minutes to inflate.

Take A Magic Carpet Ride On This Pool Float

How cute is this Aladdin-themed float ($59.95) from Disney? The float will make it seem like you’re taking Aladdin’s magical carpet out for a spin while you float around your pool. Plus, Aladdin’s monkey/sidekick, Apu, hangs on at the back.

Who Needs A Date When There’s This Pool Float?

This fun pool float ($19) is designed to look like a hunky dude with six-pack abs who is cradling you in his muscular arms as you glide across the water. A definite conversation-starter at your next pool party. As a plus, it also contains a built-in drink holder.

Avocado Lovers, This Pool Float Is For You

If guac is your favorite extra, you’ll appreciate this avocado-shaped pool float ($21.99). It has enough space for a single person to comfortably lay across it, and the center of the float even has a removable beach ball where an avocado’s pit would normally be.

It’s Not Just Butter; It’s A Headrest

Pool floats are not always super-comfortable. That’s what makes this Funboy retro pancake float ($64.65) unique. It’s oversized, so there’s plenty of room to sprawl out, plus it has an inflatable pillow shaped like a pad of butter on which to rest your head.

This Adorable Float ‘Hugs’ You

Like the rest of the internet, we heart sloths. So naturally, we find this sloth pool float ($34.99) super-cute. The lounger-design of the float allows you to comfortably lean back. Other options include a panda bear and a teddy bear option.

Float Away On A Bottle Of Rosé

With this float, you can drink a glass of rosé while floating on top of a rosé bottle-shaped float ($49.99). Dubbed the Rosé Floaté, this float is over 7 feet long and might be the perfect pool accessory for any wine lover. (The only downside to this float? No cup holder.)

Falling Off This Bull Will Make A Splash

Some floats are made for lounging on while others, like this inflatable rodeo bull float ($36.98), are made for entertainment. As it’s not your traditional mechanical bull, you’ll have to rely on your friends to try shaking you off this floating bull. But when you do fly off, you’ll make a fun splash.

This Swan Float Lights Up The Pool

Swan floats are pretty ubiquitous at pool parties, but this one from Swimline ($36.89) has a unique perk. It has built-in LED lights in a variety of colors and has the ability to strobe, flash or pulse. So basically, it’s DJ lighting and a pool float in one.

Because Nothing Goes Together Better Than Pizza And Pool Parties

Not only does this pizza pool float ($21.95) look good enough to eat, but it’s also surprisingly functional. It has two cup holders and the pizza crust makes for a great headrest. Plus, if you have enough room in your pool, you could even purchase eight of these floats and put them together to make an entire pizza!

The Only Time Poop Is Allowed In A Pool

Now you can show off your favorite emoji outside of your phone with this Coconut Float poop emoji float ($14.95). In addition to having a unique triangle shape, this float also makes for a great photo prop. Everyone will be clamoring to take a selfie with it.

You’ll Feel Like Ariel From ‘The Little Mermaid’

With this Golden Age seashell pool float ($147), you can live out your mermaid dreams. Plus, because it has a 500-pound weight capacity, you can share it with friends. (Just be sure not to fight over the pearl-like inflatable ball.)

This Eggplant Float Offers The Best Of Both Worlds

This eggplant-shaped float ($24.99) offers the best compromise between being totally dry on a float and getting wet in the pool. It comfortably keeps your upper body out of the water as you lounge back on the eggplant’s stem. Meanwhile, your legs and lower body get submerged in the water but are kept floating by the float’s bottom netting.

This Float Will Give You More Than A Few Inches

While you can’t wear your favorite shoes inside the pool, you can show off your love of high heels with this unique high heel pool float ($53.99). It’s made of sturdy vinyl material and has a ribbed surface to help you stay on top of the float.

This Float Is Pretty And Pink

Forget swan floats. This JOYIN flamingo float ($25.95) is way more colorful and fun with its oversized anime-like eyes and bold pink color. It’s also large enough to fit two people.

A Pretzel Float To Share

If you want to float à deux, this chocolate-covered pretzel float ($19.84) has you covered. It has three different openings to choose from and makes a delicious-looking addition to any pool. It even has realistic-looking flakes of salt on one side. (Just don’t try to eat it.)

Take Your Breakfast To The Pool

Why buy just one float when you can score two for a great price? This pair of egg and bacon pool floats ($29.95) make for a perfectly coordinated duo. And at over 7.5 feet long, the bacon float gives you more than enough space to stretch out on.

Shield Yourself From The Sun With This Cabana Float

Instead of lounging in a cabana beside the pool, this Bali cabana lounger pool float ($299) lets you and your bestie lounge in it. The curved design of this float shades you from direct sunlight, but you can also remove the mesh shade from the top to let in more light. This float also offers two cupholders and handles on each side to make it easier to carry or attach to a dock.

This Watermelon Float Is Super-Refreshing

There is more than enough room for two (or even three) on this adorable watermelon pool float ($18.99). In fact, this round-shaped float could be more space-efficient than buying two separate floats, as long as you and your friends like to share.

Don’t Worry—This Pool Float Isn’t Spikey

Normally, you wouldn’t want to make direct contact with a cactus, but this Sunnylife cactus-shaped pool float ($60) is the exception. It’s ultra-comfortable and comes in a cheerful green color. It even has an inflatable pink and yellow cactus flower on one arm just for fun.

This Pool Float Had Us At Glitter

What’s red, sparkly and curvaceous? This glittery Joyin lip-shaped pool float ($12.95) of course! Each lip helps you stay afloat, allowing you to sink into the middle of the inner tube and splash around a little bit.

This Dragon Doesn’t Fly But It Does Swim

This golden dragon pool float ($39.99) is giving us some serious “Game of Thrones” vibes. With a weight limit of 400 pounds, it can easily accommodate two people. And the built-in handles on the back of the dragon’s neck also make it easy to grip and hold onto while in the pool.

Stay Cooled Off With A Root Beer And Ice Cream (Pool) Float

As far as food-themed pool sets go, this Swimline root beer and ice cream pool float set ($31.99) is especially well-made. The handle of the root beer float doubles as a storage area, giving you space to keep an ice chest or snacks with you. Meanwhile, the ice cream float has indented pockets at the bottom of its cone, allowing the float to hold water and keep you cooled off.

This Peacock’s Feathers Are Practical And Pretty

If you want to liven up a pool party, just take this giant Swimline peacock float ($19.99) along! Unlike similar swan floats, this one has built-in back support in the form of the peacock’s inflatable feathers. So, you can both lean forward and lean back while floating on top of this colorful bird.

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