This Airport Is Using A Therapy Pig To Help Ease Travel Stress

Little LiLou is helping anxious travelers relax.

Traveling can be very stressful, there’s no doubt about it. From flight delays to long security lines, it’s no wonder many of us arrive at our gates feeling anxious.

But if you can route your flights through the San Francisco International Airport, there’s one friendly little fellow waiting there who just may help ease some of that travel stress.

SFO formed what’s adorably called the “Wag Brigade” which consists of therapy animals who are meant to reduce your stress while traveling. The group formed in 2013, but 2016’s star player isn’t a dog, like the rest of the Wag Brigade, oh no!

Meet LiLou, a spotted Juliana pig. And a very fancy one at that. You may find LiLou making her rounds throughout the terminals wearing a tutu or some other fabulous costume, and of course, she’ll have her hooves painted. Every piggy needs a manicure, after all.

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Seeing this gal would definitely put a smile on your face and ease your tensions. So, is LiLou good at her job? You betcha.

Airport spokesman Doug Yakel tells Refinery29 that on any given day up to three dogs can be seen throughout the terminals. This little piggy will be roaming the airport once a month, but no set schedule has been determined.

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Unfortunately, you can’t plan your travel dates around LiLou’s work schedule, but you can hope that you’re lucky enough to see her whenever you do find yourself in the San Francisco airport.

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According to USA Today, she is the first pig to ever be allowed into the therapy animal program. And it probably has something to do with how well-trained and lovable she is. LiLou not only provides snuggles, but she can also wave, stand up on her hind legs and twirl, and more. Quite the impressive piggy, indeed!

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But, honestly, all of these animals are impressive and are providing a great service. If you want your healthy dose of cuteness for the day, pay a visit to the Wag Brigade website to learn more about each of these service animals. In fact, if you’re not traveling through SFO anytime soon, maybe you should check out that website, no matter which airport you’re in, the next time you feel the travel jitters arising.

[h/t: Refinery29]