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Adult Jokes In Kids’ Movies That Made It Past The Censors

“Wipe your… face” (Shrek)

Shrek is a goldmine of raunchy humor and other such jokes. There’s plenty of the obvious jokes for people of all ages, but there are just as many of hidden ones that only older audiences would understand (what else would expect from a movie designed to give the finger to Disney). The one for this list is from the scene where Shrek and Donkey had just arrived at the Kingdom of Duloc, ruled by Lord Farquaad. To introduce them to their new surroundings, a show is put on by a group of small, animatronic dolls, singing about how great Duloc is and some of the rules they need follow. As with many songs, this one is full of rhymes, which is why we we get to one particular lyric, we can’t help but bust out laughing; “Please keep off the grass. Shines your shoes, wash your… face!”