This Is The Most Adorable First Kiss Ever [Video]

Pucker up!

Kids say darndest things, but sometimes their actions speak louder than their words. Thanks to this video posted to Rumble, we all get to witness a little boy experiencing something very special: his very first kiss!

The little boy was caught on video while cruising around what looks to be Best Buy. He looks as though he’s on a mission, not even becoming distracted by the rows and rows of screens as he wanders around.

When he reaches his destination, he turns to his intended target, who just so happens to be a little girl whose photograph is pictured on the side of a TV box. And then he plants one right on her.

This little boy is adorable, and makes a great star, but I also have to applaud the parent or guardian who caught it all on camera. It’s hard enough chasing a toddler, let alone holding a camera steady at the same time!

What a cutie. Now excuse me while I watch this all over again.