This Adorable Baby Gets Jealous Every Time Her Parents Kiss [Video]

Krissy and Matt Hanneken are over the moon for their chubby little baby, Ella. Ella is a sweet-tempered cuddlebug, but Krissy and Matt noticed something funny about their little one. Whenever Krissy and Matt kiss, Ella instantly gets jealous and start crying.

Her reaction was so priceless, they just had to get it on video! Check it out:

As you can see, Ella's cute little face starts to crumple when Mommy and Daddy kiss!

The sweet little girl's expression has melted hearts across the world.

The video has been shared more than 13 million times. People find the scenario just too adorable not to share. Some people on Facebook have their own theories about why Ella might not want Mommy and Daddy kissing:

While others say that Ella is just a classic daddy's girl:

Personally, whatever the reason behind Ella's jealousy, we think that this video is too adorable not to watch. Again and again and again! Why do we love it so much? Maybe because Ella is just about the squishiest, cuddliest little girl, or maybe because it reminds of us a time when our own parents kissing would send us into a tailspin! Yes, kids have always been a little wary of Mom and Dad sharing affection, especially as young 'uns.

It's funny to see another family play out this age-old story using new technology to record every moment. Although we wonder what Ella is going to say someday when she is a moody teenager and sees this video and all the ensuing media coverage! Regardless, we get you Ella, and we hope you receive every single kiss you desire! You deserve it, girl.

But, all that aside, isn't this just the perfect "Oh no, it's Monday" face? Ella's expression sums up the feeling to a T.