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A Woman Receives A Strange Necklace From Her Boyfriend, Not Knowing What Secret It Hid

Whether or its a do-it-yourself gift or something expensive from a store, there’s a wide range of gifts that people can give. But all that really matters is how much it touches the heart of the one that receives that gift. And this man really knew what he was doing when he gave his girlfriend this gift.

One Year In

Australian native, Anna and Terry, had been dating for a year. They had already been friends for years before thing turned romantic, so it was clear that the two got along pretty well. And as they approached their one-year anniversary, Terry wanted to give his girlfriend an amazing gift from the heart. And the amount of planning that went into this gift was astounding.

First Time For Everything

Terry didn’t consider himself a particularly “handy” man. But for their anniversary, he wanted to give Anna something made with his own two hands. Although, there was another element of his plan that wouldn’t be revealed for quite some time.

Special Kind Of Wood

There are plenty of do-it-yourself gifts and projects, but Terry had his own idea of what to do for Anna’s present. He was going to make her a necklace. Making the pendant out of wood, he opted to use Tasmanian wood, a dark, satiny hardwood often used in furniture, cabinetry, and small objects. Perfect for this project.

Completing The Project

Crafting the necklace wasn’t simple. After creating the design, Terry had to cut out all of the pieces and glue them together. It was a simple, two-dimensional design after all, this necklace was supposed to hide something inside of it. It took him a lot of time and effort, but after a while he finally was satisfied with the project and bought a chain for the pendant.

Revealing His Handiwork

When the big day had arrived, Terry took Anna out to dinner. He was nervous, obviously. After all, he had these big, grand plans, and there was a chance that Anna didn’t even like the necklace. People tend to be very particular about the jewelry that they wear. Terry and Anna enjoyed their dinner and, after all the plates were cleared away, Terry made his move. He reached into his coat pocket and, with shaky hands, pulled out the box.

A Symbol Of Their Love

And Terry felt immediate relief as Anna was absolutely delighted by the present Terry had made for her. She didn’t just think that the gift was beautiful, but appreciated the time he had taken to craft it for her in the first place. She put it on immediately, and never took it off, completely unaware of the secret hidden within.

The Secret Within

While the first secret had been revealed, the necklace still hid a second one that could change the fabric of their relationship should it be discovered. And considering the fact that she wore it all the time, the chances of her finding it were a lot higher than if she ever took it off.

The Risk Of Friendship

Of course, Anna wanted to show off her necklace to all her friends. She thought it was beautiful and it was also an excuse to brag about how sweet her boyfriend was. However, the more people that handled the necklace the bigger the chance that the secret would be discovered.

Friends From All Over

Fortunately, for the sake of the secret, not all of Anna and Terry’s friends lived in Australia. There ended up being a lot of Zoom calls in which Anna would chat and show off her new piece of jewelry. One of her best friends, Sofia, actually lived in Scotland. They had Zoom calls at least one a month, and Anna was especially excited to show it to her. Months passed and, with Anna still wearing the necklace, her friends didn’t examine the necklace as much. And to Terry’s relief, the secret within remained one.

Always On Anna’s Neck

Since she never took the necklace off, it’s visible in practically every photo of her since she first received it. It didn’t matter if it was a trip to the beach or some family event, it was always there. And it always reminded her of how much Terry loved her.

Time For A Vacation!

And after a few months, Anna and Terry decided that they wanted to take a vacation. While they both loved to travel, it was still easy for it to get expensive. Because of financial difficulties, they hadn’t been able to travel much previously. It was their first big trip together, and they wanted it to be special. The only question was where they would go.

Relationships Are All About Compromise

Like many people, Anna has a fear of flying. Generally, if she wanted to take a trip, she could just take a car or bus through Australia. Terry would have preferred to go somewhere farther away from home, but just being with Anna was enough for him. A sign of a strong relationship is a willingness to compromise. Rather than taking a trip to another country and flying, they couple decided to go on a road trip with multiple destinations through Australia, going to places that they’d never been to before.

A Successful Vacation

The couple had a wonderful time on their multi-stop vacation. It was just what they needed, filled with special moments. Terry became certain that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Anna. However, the secret of the necklace, no matter what they were doing, was always in the back of his mind.

How Long Could This Go?

Terry often found himself wondering how long he could keep his secret from Anna. It was a frequent worry, and it really started to eat away at him after a while. He knew that he’d reveal the secret someday, but he was waiting for just the right moment. And the timing had to be perfect. If it was revealed too soon, everything could be ruined.

Another Vacation

But before they had even realized, another year had gone by. It seemed as though they had caught the travel bug and were itching to go on another vacation. Even though Anna was still afraid of flying, the couple decided to go overseas this time. Even with her fear of flying, Anna wanted to head somewhere new. The only question was where they would go.

Bound For Scotland

The couple decided on Scotland. It was a place neither of them had visited before, and Anna’s friend Sofia lived there. It would be lovely to finally visit her in person. Terry had also decided that, after so long, it was in Scotland that he would finally reveal his secret.

A Snag At The Airport

While Terry was certain he would reveal his secret in Scotland, he was still a little afraid of going through airport security. Airports have really tightened their security and Terry had become convinced that the police would want to scan Anna’s necklace. Fortunately, the couple managed to get through customs without any issue and the secret wasn’t unveiled early.

Finally, They Arrived

After a long flight and a stressful airport screening, the couple finally arrived in Scotland. They were enjoying their time there, but the secret of the necklace proved to be a constant distraction for Terry. He decided that it was finally time to reveal what it was. But there was one problem: Anna never took it off.

A Year And A Half

A year and a half had already passed since their anniversary dinner and it hadn’t left her neck once since she had put it on. Terry would have to think of a very good reason to get her to take it off, or else he’d never be able to reveal his secret.

A Visit To Scottish Caves

Part of their trip involved the couple visiting some caves in Northern Scotland. It was one of their top destinations for the whole trip. Terry thought that would be the perfect place to show Anna what he had hidden inside. The day arrived and the two embarked on their scenic journey of the Scottish caves. And, as expected, Terry was nervous the entire time.

A Hidden Meaning

The cave that they were visiting specifically was called Smoo Cave. And their decision to go there was no accident. According to Terry, himself, Smoo came from an Old Norse word meaning “hiding place”.

They Took A Picture Of The Necklace, And Then…

The big moment had come. Terry asked Anna if he could borrow the necklace to take some photos of it among the rocks. It made enough sense to Anna, so she handed it to her boyfriend. He secretly opened the necklace, double-checked that the secret was still inside, then put the necklace in his pocket. After walking back over to her, he gave a casual “Oh, I forgot to give the necklace back”. And that was when everything was revealed.

What Was He Doing???

Terry pulled the necklace out of his pocket and dropped to one knee. As he asked one question, it became all too clear what the secret was. It was an engagement ring. Anna was just so confused and dumbfounded it took her a moment to recollect herself. At which point she shouted “Yes!” and jumped on him.

What If She Had Lost It?

It took her a few moments to realize that the ring had been in the necklace the entire time. She briefly lost her cool, shouting “I could have lost it!” Although, she was still overjoyed. Their proposal story was so unique that it quickly went viral, with Terry and Anna revealing that they hoped to get a house soon and have an at-home wedding.

Still Thinking Of A Comeback

Unfortunately, the couple still haven’t managed to tie the knot. Family health issues and the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to repeatedly postpone the wedding. Nowadays, Terry is constantly teased for his woodworking, with people asking what he’s hiding in every piece he works on. Regardless of the jokes and unfortunate circumstances, things are looking up for the couple. And it’s very clear that, even without them being able to take their vows, they’re devoted to one another for the rest of their lives.