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A Notorious Photoshop Troll And His Victims

Have you ever heard of James Fridman. He’s a well-known and skilled photoshop artist. He can put anything in a photo and look like it’s supposed to be there. He gets a lot of requests, and a lot of the time people end up getting exactly what the ask for. Although, it’s not exactly what they want. Turns out, Fridman is also a well-known photoshop troll. So, let’s look into some of the greatest photoshop edits he’s made.

Close Your Eyes

It does look a little creepy with her eyes open like that. Asking to get it photoshopped to get her eyes closed is completely understandable. Although, Mr. Fridman took the idea of covering her eyes in a slightly different direction than what she expected.

17 Or 71

This is a pretty hard photo to get right. The balloons would be reasonably unruly. They just needed to get the one facing the correct way. Well, Fridman got it facing the right way alright. Although, now they look a bit older than they did in the unedited photo.

Can We Get A Different Angle

That is a pretty low-angle photo. Fridman could really do them a favor and correct that. Or he could just tilt the image up so that only their heads are visible. That makes sense too.

Black Tie Only

Someone really made a mistake not wearing the correct color tie. Fortunately, it’s just a photo and can get changed no problem. See, just swap the suit jacket color with the tie color. Or was that not what you wanted?

Bad Boy

Looking like a bad buy is really non-specific. But James Fridman has him covered. Nothing makes you look more like a bad boy than clearly and knowingly breaking rules.

Remove The Pole

Well, you probably should’ve known where you were taking the photo before taking it, but James Fridman will still help you out. There, the pole’s gone. And now, so is the tent.


Why remove your friend from the background when you can just make him blend in like he was supposed to be there? See? Isn’t this so much better!

The Wrong Kind Of Boxer

Oh, that’s the wrong kind of boxer. Although it is a very cute dog breed. This is probably better than if Fridman just changed his clothes or gave him boxing gloves.

What Happens Without Water

This one has an environmental message to it. Without people to water the plants, what happens to them? They simply whither away and day.

Putting Them Where They Belong

Those two men playing chess do seem out of place. Fortunately, James Fridman knew exactly where to put them. Their match does deserve to be spectated by a crowd.

Add My Bag

To be fair, they didn’t even specify what kind of bag they had. A trash bag is a kind of bag. Although Fridman really went the extra mile by changing the background as well.

Straighten Out The Bowtie

This picture was almost perfect before, but Fridman made it absolutely perfect. That crooked bowtie isn’t a problem anymore.

Something A Bit More Expensive

Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Of course, even a cheap car is more glamorous-looking than a cage full of student loans.

Something Just A Little Weirder

They’re hand does look a little strange and out of place there. Although, rather than just taking that hand away, Fridman decided to add a completely new person. It definitely makes the scene a lot more strange than it was previously.

Add Some Dinosaurs

No better way to add some dinosaurs to a picture than to turn you into the dinosaurs. Fridman really outdid himself there too. They actually look like they’re supposed to be wearing the costumes. And they’re pretty cute ones at that.

Why The Long Feet?

Funniest part about this one is that the change is barely noticeable. The length of her boyfriend’s feet was barely noticeable before too. But now that her feet are so long, his certainly look perfectly normal. Not that they didn’t before.

The Dress Is Too Short

You shouldn’t be worried about what your partner’s wearing, as long as they like it. Fridman seemed to be teaching this man a lesson here. That longer dress looks like it’d be too long for that woman anyway.

Holding Hands

There’s nothing wrong with holding a friend’s hand, even if you actually aren’t. Well, at least they don’t look like they’re holding hands anymore. And he looks really flexible.

Make It Less Round

She does have rather round features, but you gotta be confident in the way you look. Fridman seemed to want to teach her that lesson by making her face look like a Minecraft character. She looked a lot better before.

Fun To Be Around

The best kind of edit is the one where you didn’t have to change anything at all. Just because he doesn’t look like he’s having fun doesn’t mean he isn’t.

Under the Waterfall

Well, the waterfall’s certainly closer. And it’s certainly bigger too. The first photo looked perfectly fine before, not really much of a purpose in changing it.

The Guy In The Background

Well, Fridman got rid of somebody who was in the background. Something that makes the shot even funnier is that the man’s hands are still around her waste.

Give Her Some Wings

Well, she never specified what kind of wings. And given the position of her arms, the bucket of chicken wings seems more fitting than any other kind.

Holding The Pole

This was probably an easier edit to make than having her grab onto the pole. Not to mention, it makes her look incredibly strong. It’s hard to get those poles out of place.

Making The Dog Happy

Another situation where Fridman seemingly misunderstood the assignment when asking to get rid of someone in the back. But he took some extra liberties with this one. The fact that the dog is smiling now that his owner is no longer holding him makes it all the better.