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A Man Saves A Moose And Gets This In Return

The Moose is a massive creature. Although the extra size and body fat is necessary in order to survive the colder areas they inhabit. Considering their size and strength, it’s hard to believe that the moose would ever need help. But, that’s what leads to this incredible story of a man who saved a moose. And the interesting gift he was given.

Meet Erikas Plucas

Erikas Plucas is a Lithuanian farmer. He lived a perfectly happy and simple life, content with what he had. Although, that all changed during a walk home from work in the woods, when he encountered a moose in the woods.

An Unexpected Visitor

Lying on his path home, right in front of the gate, was a baby moose. This was actually the first time that Plucas had seen a moose up close. Initially he was afraid to approach, as its mother might have been nearby. But after checking the area, he determined that the moose was all on its own.

A Moose On Her Own

The conclusion that Plucas had come come to was that the moose calf’s mother had been killed by hunters. Forced to flee on her own, she became exhausted and injured, ending up on Plucas’ front door. He said that, “the first sight of her was heartbreaking”. Knowing that the calf was still unsafe, he took her inside of his home.

New Friends

In Plucas’ own words, the moose was “starved, dirty, sad, and her fur was infested with flies”. Yet, he scooped her up and took her inside anyway. But upon entering his home, he realized that he didn’t know the next thing about taking care of an animal, let alone treating one’s wounds.

Calling An Expert

At first Plucas tried calling his friends, but they weren’t any help. They told him to just put the moose back outside and that it was illegal to keep her in the first place. Instead he called animal services. Unfortunately, no one could help him until the next day and they asked him to take care of the moose until the next day.

Doing His Best

Plucas didn’t know where to start, so he did his best. He got some milk and leaves and left it with her to eat. The sight of her eating actually made him crack a smile. He then began to make a makeshift shelter. He was doing his best, but he was still looking forward to the help from animal services the next day. He could barely sleep that night from the apprehension.

An Unthinkable Suggestion

The next day, however, animal services informed him that they couldn’t help with the moose. Instead, they suggested a frightening idea: to call the local hunters. They suggested that they would know what to do with moose. But Plucas wasn’t having it.

Keeping Her Safe

Plucas knew that hunters had a cruel way of handling wild animals and he never wanted this calf to suffer again. So, Plucas asked animal services to let him take care of the moose. This resulted in a long argument. Animal services reminded him of the dangers of wild animals and the legality of the situation. But Plucas wouldn’t budge. In the end, animal services agreed to give him the right to take care of the moose.

Meet Emma

With the right to nurse the moose calf, he thought it was time to give her a name. And thus, he decided to name her Emma. Plucas didn’t think of the situation of him just taking care of a wild animal though. He thought of it more as though he had just adopted a child.

Like A Father

And Plucas ended up becoming quite the doting “father”. He gave her all the attention she needed, and Emma certainly appreciated his efforts. She became incredibly comfortable with Plucas in turn, and missed him whenever they needed to be separated.

Helping Her Feel Safe

Emma never really felt safe whenever Plucas wasn’t around. And that included when she needed to sleep. So, Plucas started sleeping with her. Sometimes in the barn, sometimes out in the open. It just made sense, as she was afraid of everything but him.

Taking Her Back Out To The Forest

Despite their happy living arrangement, Plucas knew that she would one day have to return to the forest. So, he started to help her get adjusted to nature once again. And he started taking her out into the forest.

Emma Enters The Forest

Initially, Emma seemed petrified every time she went into the forest. But after a few trips, she started to adapt to the environment. Walking by Plucas’ side helped feel more comfortable and he taught he what was safe and what was dangerous.

Wild Moose

Plucas didn’t just teach her basic safety though, but also how to get her own food. And when she started to eat in forest, it became clear that she was actually starting to enjoy her time there. Soon, Emma started to venture into the forest all by herself.

Heading Out On Her Own

Soon, Emma started to venture into the forest regularly. She seemed excited and would often be out for the whole day, only returning after the sun had set. While Plucas was happy that Emma knew where she belonged, he still felt sad every time she left and was constantly worrying about her safety. One particular night, Plucas worried deeply when Emma did not return before the sunset. And while he spent all night waiting, she never came home.

Going On Her Own

She was gone for several days. At first, Plucas could do nothing but worry. But then he realized that Emma had was now a fully-grown moose. It was time to let her go. He found it hard to do, but he had to remind himself that his sole purpose in her development was nursing her.

A Stunning Surprise

After some time, Plucas was about ready to t0 move on. He missed her, but knew she was where she belonged. But then, one day, Emma had appeared right in front of his house! He was overjoyed by the visit and savored the day. He didn’t think it would happen again.

Visiting Every Day

But the very next day, Emma came back to visit him again. She was waiting for him on his doorsteps for him to wake up. And several days passed like that. They would play whenever Emma was around. Plucas’ family started to get worried about this strange development, but he was adamant that Emma was nothing but kind and loving with him, despite being a wild moose.

Looking Out For Her

However, Plucas still was worried about Emma, despite her now being an adult moose. That was because she was now vulnerable to hunters. Every time she left, Plucas had wished he could make her stay. So, he came up with a way to keep her safe, even when they couldn’t be together.

Introducing Her To Hunters

It was pretty risky, but Plucas went to the hunters to ask for their cooperation. He invited them to his home and introduced them Emma. His goal was to show them that she was more than just a potential target, but an intelligent and loving animal.

An Unexpected Reaction

To Plucas’ surprise, the hunters had agreed to not hurt her. While Plucas couldn’t quite understand why, the hunters explained that they could see the bond the two of them had. It would have been a real shame if they had decided to break it.

A Big Impact

Plucas was already happy that he could have at least a little peace of mind when it came to Emma’s safety in the forest. But he just received more good news over the next couple of days. Other hunters had also agreed to not harm Emma. As a matter of fact, they agreed to stop hunting wild moose altogether. He had never expected his bond with Emma to have such a big impact.

Another Moose On The Way

Things were already looking up, but then Plucas had even more good news. Looking at Emma, Plucas noticed that she was starting to look bigger. As it turns out she was pregnant!

A Happy Ending

Since meeting Emma, Plucas had become incredibly happy and content in life. While he had saved Emma, Emma had saved him as well. And now she was about to be a mother, herself.