87-Year-Old Woman Is Rescued From Bathtub After 4 Days Thanks To This Thoughtful Waitress

Doreen Mann (above right) has a routine. She likes to head into a local cafe in her hometown in the United Kingdom called "Tommasi's" four days a week. Sonia Congrave, (left) who works at the restaurant, became concerned recently when Mann did not show up as usual. Mann has been coming in for a decade, and the 39-year-old Congrave has worked there for 17 years, so the two are far from strangers.

It turns out that Mann had been taking a bath, but her knees went out, and she was unable to life herself out of the tub. She sat there for four days, drinking cold water from the tub faucet to stay hydrated, and covering herself with towels and a robe to try and stay warm!

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After Mann didn't make her usual visits, Congrave became concerned. She told Echo News UK,

It was her birthday on the Wednesday and she came in like normal. She didn't come in for a few days and then she didn't come in on Saturday like she always does, but I thought perhaps her cousin from Chelmsford was visiting her. On the Monday she didn't come in and the best thing I did was call the police because I was concerned and luckily I had her address so the police went to check if she was ok.

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After it was all over, Mann gave Congrave a key to her home, and in turn the waitress bought Mann a cell phone in case she needs to get in touch.

"I'm just glad she's okay, I'm glad nothing bad happened,” Congrave said in a Good News Network article. "'I think it would be nice for us all to take a bit of a time-out to remember our neighbors or remember the lady down the road who you haven't seen in a few days and just give a knock or a phone call. Just say ‘Hey, are you alright?'"

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What a great sentiment! This is a story we can all learn from.

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