This 86-Year-Old Couldn’t Have Looked More Beautiful On Her Wedding Day

It's never too late to find love, and this 86-year-old woman who just got married is here to prove it to you! According to the Huffington Post, Millie Taylor-Morrison was married to her 85-year-old sweetheart, Harold Morrison, in a purple dress that she designed.

She couldn't have looked more beautiful in her wedding gown, and the event as a whole seems like quite the fabulous affair.

The publication points out that photos of her in her dress went viral, and for good reason. She's teaching us all a thing or two about living life to the fullest (and looking incredible while doing it.)

Her granddaughter explained the Morrisons' love story to the Huffington Post.

Nana Millie was married to her previous husband for 41 years before he passed away in 1992. She's known Harold since the 1950s, but they only recently reconnected.

When he got sick, she was there to help him out and take him to church. But, about a year ago, it got so bad that he couldn't live on his own. So, they moved in together. And, after about a year of recovery, they decided to get married.

“After a year of him getting better, they wanted to be married. As a Christian woman, she felt strongly about not having a man in the house without being married and she wanted to be a role model for her granddaughters,” her granddaughter Khadija Elkharbibi told the publication.

And boy, are we glad they did. Because their wedding couldn't have been more special— even just to onlookers, but especially for everyone who was actually involved with the big day.

“The look on everyone's face when they saw her, but especially the look on Mr. Harold's face when he saw her walking down the aisle ― it was the absolute sweetest thing you could ever see!” Elkharbibi said. “He teared up. It was beautiful! My Nana just beamed with happiness, it was truly a sight to see.”