8-Year-Old Brother Breaks Internet With Heartfelt Text Messages To Sister

I thought I loved my sisters.

All four of us siblings are in different states, but we still have a group message where we chat about (mostly) positive topics like making fun of Dad. I (usually) make sure I say I love you through my actions and words.

But these two siblings have taken love to a whole new level. Their love for each other should be under the definition of "family" in Webster's Dictionary.


While 17-year-old Belle was away at a tournament in Texas, about an hour away from home, Ryan, 8, sent her a congratulatory text from his dad's phone.

The first thing he says is:

Hey sissy it's Ryan I just really miss you and love you and right now mom and dad are here they're at Pat's and Helen's and I'm super glad that you guys one (sic) so I really miss you and I love you sincerely Ryan Munoz Elijah.

That one message showed more love than any of my messages to my sisters. But, wait, there's more love pouring out of this 8-year-old's heart.

He starts spewing one-liners like "I love you to Pluto and back" and "prepared to be hugged so hard when you get back."

And when Belle is crying, he sends a selfie of him crying. And with that, I declare Ryan the winner of the internet.

Belle told Elite Daily,

He sends many sweet texts like this but I decided to share to show how cute he is and how pure little humans are and haven't yet been pressured into not showing affection, because in today's society it's such a weakness.

The second day I was gone he was texting me those sweet, sweet messages, and it really touched me that he was crying, because every time my parents and I talk about me leaving for college he cries and wants to spend time with me.

He even has a countdown.

I have a countdown when my sisters leave. Hold on while I set my priorities straight and call my sisters right now?