This 6-Year-Old Threw A Pizza Party For Homeless People On Her Birthday

No one takes birthdays more seriously than little kids. They want cake, pizza, balloons, ice cream, and of course, lots and lots of presents!

So when Chicago kindergartner Armani Crews was preparing for her sixth birthday, she had lots of requests. She wanted all her favorite foods at her birthday party: Chicken, fish, spaghetti, mashed potatoes, and of course, pizza.

But here's the kicker—Armani didn't want the food for herself or even for her friends. She wanted this big spread in order to feed the homeless people living in her community. What a heart of gold!

When her mother first heard that Armani wanted to offer donations for her birthday instead of having a party, she suggested that they just hand out sandwiches. But Armani was having none of it! She wanted people in need to enjoy delicious, hot food, and at her insistence, her parents got to work making her birthday dream come true.

When the family's neighbors and fellow church members heard about Armani's birthday plans, they were touched by this little girl's sweet, giving nature, and many decided to pitch in as well. Numerous people donated toiletries and other necessities to hand out to the homeless community on Aramani's birthday. The care packages were handed out alongside the tasty spread, and over 125 people were fed that day.

Michaela Pereira

And how did Armani get the idea to donate to the homeless on her birthday? She says it was her older brother who inspired her generous actions. She saw him give a hungry man food one day on the street. The experience struck a chord deep in this little girl's heart. As, Armani's mother says, "If we help each other, we'll be okay.”

What a wonderful message. It's easy to see where the Crews kids get their big hearts. Happy birthday, Armani, and thank you for your amazing contributions to your community!