5-Year-Old Saves Allowance To Buy Lunch For Police Officers

The typical 5-year-old boy saves his allowance to buy stuff like baseball cards or video games. But not William Evertz, Jr. (aka, "Bubba"). He wanted to buy lunch for the local police department!

He saved up his allowance for months, and on Aug. 15, little William showed up at the Winslow Township Police Department in Braddock, New Jersey, loaded down with sandwiches from Subway. William chose Subway because he wanted the officers to be healthy since, as his mom told Cox Media Group, they protect him "even when he sleeps." Bubba's note to the police read, "I like police officers, and we thank you for keeping our town safe. Enjoy your day!"

Wow. What a thoughtful little boy!

As a thank you to William, the police department gave him his own department t-shirt, assorted swag and his very own custom police cruiser with departmental trim. Now THAT beats a new bike.

Winslow Twp. Police Department/Facebook

Winslow Police Chief George Smith told William, "We need good police officers like you. I can't wait until you're old enough so we can hire you," according to Philly.com. (He has to get through kindergarten first.)

Winslow Twp. PD/Facebook

The police department gave William a shout out on its Facebook page:

Williams's actions are remarkable for anyone, let alone a 5 year old. Winslow Twp PD commends William for his acts of kindness and his parents for raising such a great kid.

We couldn't agree more!