30 Strange But True Car Tricks Every Driver Should Know

Why you need toothpaste, pool noodles, nail polish and a toilet plunger for your car.

Chances are you rely heavily on your car. If your city doesn’t have good public transportation, a vehicle can be a necessity to get to the grocery store, the doctor’s office and the kids’ school.

But, from gas to maintenance to repairs, owning a car can be expensive.

Here are some simple tips that will keep your car in tip-top shape, make driving more pleasant—and maybe even save you a few bucks along the way.

Clean Headlights With Toothpaste

To see things more clearly, clean your cloudy headlights with toothpaste. There are mild abrasives in your toothpaste (which is how it gets the plaque off your teeth) that clean the headlight, and it can also fill in small cracks. If only the toothpaste could fill in those cavities!


Use Your Head To Lock Your Car

Do you want to feel like a magician? If you’re too far from your car for your key fob to work, try using your head as a personal satellite. Yes, really. Your body’s fluids can extend the wireless signal from your key fob to the parked car. Just put your car key fob under your chin, open your mouth, and push the button on your keychain.

Don’t believe us? Here’s the science behind this cool hack:

Defog Your Car By Turning On The Air Conditioning

It sounds crazy, but there is a reason this works. You can defog your car faster using this multi-step process:

  1. Turn the heat on full blast to eliminate moisture in the air.
  2. Turn on the A/C to make it more arid.
  3. Switch back to heat, and switch off the air recirculation button (the one with the arrow twirling around the inside of the car). Let that cold outside air come into the car while the heat is on.
  4. Open the windows. Not a lot, since it’s clearly cold outside, but enough to let cold air come into the car, drying it even more.

This works much quicker than just blasting the defrost when you first get in the car.


Cover The Windshield During Winter

In the summer, you may use a sunshade to prevent the smoldering sun heating up your car’s interior. In the winter, you can do the same thing, except put a blanket, tarp or plastic tablecloth over the outside of your windshield to protect it from snow and ice. This also keeps your windshield wipers from sticking to the glass.

Tina Franklin/Flickr

Try This Weird, But Efficient Way To Cool Down Your Car

Instead of blasting the air conditioning (or if your A/C doesn’t work), try this instead:

  1. Roll down the driver’s side window.
  2. Go to the passenger side, and open and close the doors a few times.

This forces the hot air out of the car, cooling your car faster than simply relying on the air conditioning to cool down your hotbox.

Flickr | wbaiv

Use Clear Nail Polish To Repair Windshield Cracks

You know the old trick where you put clear nail polish on pantyhose to stop a run from going all the way down your leg? Well, the same theory works on small cracks in your windshield. Instead of waiting for the windshield to completely crack, put some nail polish on it as soon as you notice a small fracture.


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De-Ice A Frozen Lock With Hand Sanitizer

The alcohol in hand sanitizer will melt the ice right off your car door handle. Other ways to de-ice frozen locks in a pinch include breathing warm air onto the door handle, warming your key with a lighter or applying some WD-40.


Borrow The Kids’ Pool Noodles For Your Garage

Do you hit the garage wall every time you open your car door? Place a pool noodle along the side of the garage, and it will protect your car from getting door dinged on a daily basis.


Be Your Own Pizza Delivery Service

Who says you have to hurry home before your takeout gets cold? Why not use your seat warmer to heat up the large pizza sitting next to you?


Get Directions From Delivery Drivers

Even with every square inch of this country mapped out thanks to Google, you could (theoretically) still get lost. Instead of asking the gas station attendant for directions, ask the local pizza or food delivery service. They have to drive the roads all the time, and they know where they’re going.


Remove Dents With A Plunger

If you have a minor dent, you may be able to repair it on the cheap with a plunger.


Don’t Buy Any More Air Fresheners

Instead of shelling out good money for those car freshener trees that you hang from the rearview mirror, simply use an herbal tea bag. Wrap it in a breathable cloth, and hang it on the mirror. Tea bags are much cheaper to replace, and there are plenty of soothing scents to choose from. If you’re prone to road rage, may we suggest some calming lavender?

Tony Alter/Flickr

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Clean With Coca-Cola

Most soda is so acidic, it can ruin your teeth. So, instead of drinking it, why not use Coca-Cola on your car to get rid of rust?


Keep Your Cup Holders Clean With Cupcake Liners

Add some cupcake liners to your cup holders, and when they start to get dirty, remove and replace them! The Kids Activities Blog recommends silicone ones, which means you can pop them into the dishwasher when they’re in need of a cleaning.

Kids Activities Blog

Tame Your Mess With A Remote Control Caddy-Turned-Organizer

If you’re tired of finding pens, toys, books and other odds and ends all over your car, get a remote control caddy and affix it to the side of one of your seats. Tame that clutter!

Ikea Hackers

A Paint Brush For Your Air Vents

The Family Handyman came up with a brilliant way to clean those hard-to-clean car vents … with a little paint brush! Genius, right?

The Family Handyman

Cleaning Your Car Seats

What’s the best way to clean your fabric car seats? Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda, dish soap, and hot water. That’s it.


How To Clean Those Little Crevices

Once again, The Family Handyman came to our car-cleaning rescue by sharing his tip on cleaning small crevices in our cars. All you’ll need is a flathead screwdriver and a cloth to cover it with.

You can then spray a cleaner on it, or a natural cleaning agent—if you read our pieces on all the amazing things vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice can do—and clean all your car’s hard-to-reach spots.

Flickr | chefranden

A Cargo Shelf Will Do Wonders For Your Trunk

The Kids Activities Blog also recommends adding a cargo shelf to your trunk to save space and help organize your car or SUV. Whether you have kids or not, your trunk could probably be a bit more organized, right? (Mine sure can!)


“Scour Off” For Your Hubcaps

If hosing down your hubcaps isn’t cutting it, trying this trick I came across on the Ring Around the Rosies blog, where Jaima used Scour Off to clean her tire rims. Clean, shiny hubcaps can make such a difference for the overall appearance of your car.

Ring Around the Rosies

Club Soda For Your Windshield

Got some tough-to-remove sticky spots on the windshield? Trying scrubbing them off with a rag and club soda. You’d be surprised what those bubbles can do.


Dryer Sheets For The Front Of Your Car

There’s almost nothing worse than those pesky bugs that seem to decorate the front of your car, right? The Sugar Spice and Spilled Milk blog figured out the solution: Dryer sheets. She wet the car, then put the dryer sheet in a bucket of warm water before using it to remove the bugs. So easy!

Sugar Spice and Spilled Milk

Dryer Sheets As Air Freshener

Traditional car air fresheners can have an overwhelming scent. Dryer sheets make an ideal air freshener. You can attach one to the heating/air-conditioning vents or hide them under the seats to keep them out of sight.


Prevent Your Wipers From Freezing And Cracking

Not only is it tricky to pry frozen wipers from an ice-covered windshield, doing so can actually cause the blade to crack or rip. You could buy wiper protectors for $20 but if you want to save some money or need blade covers in a pinch, look no further than your sock drawer. Slip a sock over each blade, and voila!


Quick Fix For A Missing Wiper Blade

If you can’t make it to the mechanic to get a new wiper blade or happen to lose one on a long-distance drive, here’s a quick fox for you: Find yourself a woman’s stocking. Wrapping pantyhose tightly (keyword: tightly!) around your windshield wiper can offer a quick fix in a storm and prevent a bare wiper from possibly scratching your windshield.

Flickr | woodleywonderworks

Use These Tricks When You’re Low On Gas

When you see your gas tank nearing “E” for empty, it may be tempting to speed up to find the nearest gas station. Don’t! According to car experts interviewed for, the first thing you should do is pull over and look up the closest gas station and fastest route to getting there to avoid wasting any precious drops of fuel on a wrong turn. Next, turn off your heat or A/C, if possible, your stereo and unplug anything you’ve been charging. Finally, try to stick to a slow and steady speed (ideally going 35-45 miles per hour) until you reach your refueling point.

flickr / chrismetcalfTV

Know How Far Your Car Can Drive On Empty

The “empty” indicator often comes on well before your gas tank is empty. But how can you be sure how many miles you have to go before you actually run out of gas? While some cars will give you a miles-to-empty estimate, it’s still just that: an estimate. Because the distance-to-empty could vary based on traffic and speed, Your Mechanic put together a handy chart that reveals how many miles certain makes and models really can go while on empty (based on 2015 models).

Your Mechanic

Tackle Dog Hair With Rubber Gloves

If you’re a dog owner, driving with your canine companions is often (OK, mostly!) unavoidable. To combat the fur they leave behind, try this simple hack: Fill a spray bottle with water and lightly spritz the interior of your car. Throw on a pair of rubber gloves and rub your hands over the seats, floor and doors. The hair should stick to the gloves, and you can rinse them off as you go.

Flickr | Bennilover

Drive Through Standing Water The Right Way

The best way to drive through a flooded section of road or massive puddle is to NOT drive through it at all. If going forward is your only option, hold steady on the gas and drive slowly. If you drive a manual, don’t change gears. You want to avoid water meeting the air intake on your engine, so the higher your car is off the ground, the better. But, again, the best way to prevent damage is to avoid driving through standing water in the first place.

Flickr | Andrew Kalat

Use Pam To Fight Bugs

As mentioned, removing bugs from the front bumper and grill of your car can be tough. Some savvy car owners have found that using a cooking spray like Pam helps them wipe off easier. Others swear that applying a good coating of cooking spray or car wax before taking off on a bug-filled journey will also help.


Adobe/Flickr User Conagra

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