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30 Photos That Will Trigger Your OCD

Obsessive compulsive disorder is no laughing matter. It’s the tendency to excessive orderliness. It can make people do all sorts of things, from shining every piece of silverware in their kitchen to having every can of soda in their fridge perfectly lined up next to each other. While those are some extreme examples, it can get pretty bad. However, with some of the images in this article, anyone would be hard-pressed to say that they weren’t annoyed by the contents.

This Kit-Kat Bar With A Chunk Cut Out The Middle

The normal way to eat a Kit-Kat Bar is to break off a full piece and then eat that. Whoever decided to do this probably knew what they were doing.

This Sidewalk With Two Bricks Swapped

This is a pretty nicely constructed sidewalk overall. Who was constructing this and decided to flip those last two bricks like this?

This Bubble Tape With A Bite Taken Out Of It

This Bubble Tape is gum. Not only did the person that did this decide to not take out a thread like normal, but they simply put what appears to be 12 strips of chewing gum in one move.

This Unaligned Grate

This is another sidewalk that’s a little messed up. Another photo where you wonder where the construction went wrong.

The One Tile That’s Just Barely Off

It’s just that one hexagon. Just the one. And it’s the one hexagon that stops this floor from being perfect.

This Improperly Aligned Manhole Cover

It’s pretty clear how this manhole cover might’ve become unaligned. However, that doesn’t make it any less annoying.

This Incorrect Number

There’s not much that needs to be said about this typo. It almost seems intentional with how glaring the mistake is.

The One Piece On This Mosaic

It’s almost smack dab in the middle of this mosaic. It’s hard to tell where this piece is supposed to be in the first place.

This Improper Seatbelt

It’s hard to say for certain, but not only is this annoying to look at, but it certainly feels more dangerous to wear a seatbelt like this.

This Unaligned Pencil

All these pencils, both sharpened and unsharpened. Yet one just off the center is of course not aligned like the others.

The One Improperly Sorted M&M

Either the number of M&Ms in the package wasn’t equal or, more likely, someone decided to put a single green M&M in the orange pile just to annoy people.

This Other Slightly Misplaced Tile

This one’s a little bit more difficult to find. But once you find it, there is no unseeing it.

This Improperly Speared Capri Sun

Was the straw not going through the normal hole or something?

These Blinds

It’s not anything overly specific about these blinds, but just the way that they appear in this image is not nice.

This Street Typo

How does this happen? This is a paved street. Officially painted by the city. How do you mess up that bad!

The Fourth Rectangle

The fourth rectangle in this selection looks almost like a glitch in a video game. You might not notice it initially, but it’s not fun to look at after you do.

This Black Keyboard Key

Why would someone make a keyboard with two different colors? And then why would they make on the “2” key a different color.

This Misplaced Pill

If you’re taking medication, and you take the pills out one over time, why would you suddenly switch to a completely different part of you package when you’re about to take your sixth one?

These Misused Crates

To whoever was sorted these, were you even paying attention to the labels of the boxes before you started sorting?

This Unopened Rubiks Cube

Its more incredible that this Rubiks Cube was put in the case without being solved properly.

This Incorrectly Numbered Divider

Who was numbering these? Or even better, who was putting them down? And if the numbers don’t matter, then why are they there for the first place?

This Gas Station Label

Did the gallons really need to be accurate down to the triple decimal?

These Not Black And White Cookies

It probably wouldn’t be as bad if the cookies weren’t labeled “Black and White Cookies”. Alternatively, it makes you wonder what made the white part of the cookies turn blue.

Just This Checkbox

It’s technically correct to not check the last box. But the fact that you have to leave it like that doesn’t make it any less annoying.

This Sprinkle

Come on, how’d that get in there? And how’d only that one get in there.

This Improperly Cut Pie

Some people just can’t cut cakes or pies. This is an example of that.

Another Misaligned Tile

Can someone flip this tile. Please. It won’t function properly like this.

These Vertical Bricks

Even with all the bricks, a person’s eyes will likely be immediately drawn to the vertical bricks near the bottom of the image. Why are those the only ones like that?

This Strangely Cut Pizza

Whoever cut this slice out of the pizza must really not like pizza crust. And they probably don’t like general decency as well.

This Plant Bush That Isn’t In The Proper Space

Those rings with plants in them are really heavy. It’s pretty obvious that it’s been moved from its original position. It makes one wonder who did this, why, and how?