2021 College Football Rankings

Football season’s underway, but that doesn’t just mean the NFL. College football games often gather just as much viewership, if not more, in comparison to NFL. There are 893 different college teams, however, things can still be boiled down to the top 25 teams in college football (as of week 11).

25. Clemson Tigers

Last Week’s Ranking: 26+

Record: 7-3

Despite losing Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne, Clemson’s still had the potential to make it to the College Football Playoff again. The defense is now older and wiser, but the main concern comes in the offensive front with their running backs. The team hasn’t been doing as well as expected this season, but they managed to edge their way into the top 25 this week after their game against UConn.

24. Mississippi State Bulldogs

Last Week’s Ranking: 26+

Record: 6-4

The Mississippi State Bulldogs are another team that managed to just barely get a spot in the top 25. They also recently defeated the Tigers, helping to better show their worthiness.

23. Arkansas Razorbacks

Last Week’s Ranking: 26+

Record: 7-3

The Razorbacks’ games have been pretty close lately, but they’ve managed to scratch and claw their way to the finish. Now ranked 23rd, only time will tell if they’ll maintain this position.

22. Texas A&M Aggies

Last Week’s Ranking: 10

Record: 7-3

The Aggies just missed out on the College Football Playoffs last season, coming in fifth. However, they then managed to outscore UNC in order to win the Orange Bowl. The departure of the Aggies former quarterback, Kellen Mond, appears to have hit them rather hard though. The team was projected to be much higher in the rankings than they are now.

21. San Diego State Aztecs

Last Week’s Ranking: 26+

Record: 9-1

Another team that crawled its way into the top 25. And it was a close game that allowed them to move this far up. They managed to score 23 points in that game, even more impressive, as the Aztecs haven’t managed to score over 20 points in four games.

20. Utah Utes

Last Week’s Ranking: 24

Record: 7-3

The Utes have been trying their hardest to wrap up the PAC-12 South. They lost the lead and barely managed to beat the Arizona Wildcats in their last game.

19. Iowa Hawkeyes

Last Week’s Ranking: 20

Record: 8-2

The Hawkeyes had a stellar season last year, even a little rough start. However, they’re another team that’s not doing quite as well as expected. Regardless, after their victory against the Minnesota Golden Gophers, the Hawkeyes have been able to move up one more placement.

18. Pittsburg Panthers

Last Week’s Ranking: 17

Record: 8-2

The Panthers have had a knack for making things difficult for themselves. In their last game against the Arizona Tar Heels, they gave up a massive lead that put the game into overtime. However, they still managed to narrowly pull off a victory, allowing them to stay in the top 20.

17. Wisconsin Badgers

Last Week’s Ranking: 15

Record: 7-3

Last season, the Badgers started out really strong, managing to get four wins. However, injuries and COVID really slowed them down. Their team hasn’t been doing poorly this season, but it seems as though their placement is slowly dropping as the weeks go by.

16. Houston Cougars

Last Week’s Ranking: 15

Record: 9-1

The Cougars managed to get a victory in the AAC championship game for the first time since 2015. It was their ninth straight victory, showing the skill of their quarterback, Clayton Tune.

15. UTSA Roadrunners

Last Week’s Ranking: 14

Record: 10-0

During their game against Southern Miss, UTSA made plenty of mistakes that almost cost them the game. Even so, they were able to pull themselves together and win 27-17.

14. BYU Cougars

Last Week’s Ranking: 16

Record: 8-2

BYU’s actually got a shot at a New Year’s Six bowl this year. All they have to do is beat the Trojans. Then they will move to 6-1 against Power 5 competition this season.

13. Oklahoma Sooners

Last Week’s Ranking: 6

Record: 9-1

Last season, Oklahoma started with a game record of 1-2, but then managed to close out their season with 8 consecutive wins. This included wins against Iowa State for a Big 12 title game and against Florida in the Cotton Bowl. The team had been undergoing overall growth, making them favorites to attend the Big 12 again. However, after their performance in their last game, their power ranking dropped from 6th to 13th, probably one of the biggest changes in power rankings.

12. Baylor Bears

Last Week’s Ranking: 18

Record: 8-2

Speaking of the Sooners, the Bears appear to be the team that’s been holding them back. They might be taking the Sooners’ projected place in the Big 12 after their last game.

11. Ole Miss Rebels

Last Week’s Ranking: 13

Record: 8-2

In their last game against the Aggies, Ole Miss’ defense carried the game. Two interceptions helped steal the game and move them up two places in the power rankings.

10. Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Last Week’s Ranking: 12

Record: 9-1

Until a few games ago, Wake Forest had been enjoying an undefeated streak. However, that little hiccup didn’t stop them from brining their A-game in their next game, defeating NC State.

9. Oklahoma State Cowboys

Last Week’s Ranking: 11

Record: 9-1

Oklahoma State took a similar approach to Wake Forest when it came to losing a singular game. Except, in the case of the Cowboys, they got particularly nasty. They’ve been consistently winning their games by incredibly wide margins. It almost seems unfair.

8. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Last Week’s Ranking: 8

Record: 9-1

Notre Dame’s lost quite a few of its offensive players, including quarterback Ian Book after last season. However, the team’s still doing quite well on the field. They just dominated the Virginia Cavaliers 28-3.

7. Michigan Wolverines

Last Week’s Ranking: 9

Record: 9-1

The offense fell off a little bit in their last game against Penn State, but the defense made sure to pick up the slack. Quarterback, Sean Clifford was sacked seven times throughout the course of the game, allowing Michigan to win 21-17.

6. Michigan State Spartans

Last Week’s Ranking: 7

Record: 9-1

Michigan State had a balanced offense and defense. This has allowed them to keep winning games and move up through the ranks. They’ve certainly earned the number six spot.

5. Ohio State Buckeyes

Last Week’s Ranking: 5

Record: 9-1

Despite losing to the juggernaut that is Alabama at the title game last season, the Buckeyes still likely have the strongest offensive line in the nation. They still has what it takes to remain a Big 10 force. They’ve been putting up plenty of numbers, including rushing yards, passing yards and touchdowns.

4. Oregon Ducks

Last Week’s Ranking: 4

Record: 9-1

Oregon had a strange and unfortunate season last year. Many of their players sat out and they failed to win their division. However, a victory in the Pac 12 title game managed to get them into the Fiesta Bowl. The Ducks have since come back with a vengeance, getting really high in the rankings.

3. Cincinatti Bearcats

Last Week’s Ranking: 3

Record: 10-0

The Bearcats almost went undefeated last season, only giving up a field goal to Georgia at the Peach Bowl. While they lost Marcus Freeman to Notre Dame, Cincinatti’s been showing the skill and talent we expect from an elite college team. After all, they’ve been undefeated this season.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

Last Week’s Ranking: 2

Record: 9-1

Alabama lost many players and a coordinator, but they still have Nick Saban as coach. Alabama has always had a strong team of running backs as well. They were initially thought to be a shoe-in for top placement this season, but it appears they’re just short of the top this season.

1. Georgia Bulldogs

Last Week’s Ranking: 1

Record: 10-0

The Bulldogs showed off their powerful offense this season. Returning quarterback JT Daniels, along with running backs Zamir White and James Cook. The team proved to be unbeatable this season with ten wins and no losses in week 11.