These 2 Dogs, 8 Birds And A Hamster Make For One Big Happy Family

Meet Bob and Marley. They're a pair of golden retrievers living in Sao Paolo, Brazil with their human, Luiz Higa Jr:

Now, we can't tell 'em apart except in this photo.

The translated Facebook caption says "Marley doing face of naughty naughty," so maybe that means he has the tennis ball in his mouth? (Football jerseys with names would be nice.)

Anyway, these guys are quite famous, (close to 300,000 Instagram fans), and notice they have some friends! Namely, at least eight birds and a hamster. And, it seems, none of these creatures have a problem socializing with the two dogs, either!

Bob initially got all the press, so at some point the human involved must've got Marley as a sidekick!

Either way, it looks like a full house! (And we don't mean the TV show!)

And, wait for it, we've got a bunny in the mix, too.

These pals go everywhere together.

Are these #friendshipgoals or what?

Take a look at this video of the full house!