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15 Players To Avoid In Your Fantasy Football Draft (And 15 To Target)

The football season’s about to start back up again, and for plenty of people that means one thing: fantasy football. Picking your fantasy league can be difficult, especially for those not overly familiar with the players. And that’s why this list has been compiled. Here’s 15 players that you should avoid when making your fantasy football team. And here’s also another 15 that you should target to make your team even better (based on ADP).

Saquon Barkley, Giants (Avoid)

He may be a good player, but he just had a major injury. He’s been recovering, but it certainly tanked his ADP. Grab him if he’s available in the mid-to-low rounds, but he’s not worth risking it unless you still need a running back.

Javonte Williams, Broncos (Target)

Rookies generally have lower ADP’s than the more veteran players, something that makes Williams a potential steel for the middle round drafts. He’s had a standout career, despite sharing the spotlight with Michael Carter while he was still at North Carolina. Now the worst case is that he shares the spotlight again with Michael Gordon, a player who may be past his prime. This means he’ll become even more useful to your draft team as a running back with each game.

Austin Ekeler, Chargers (Avoid)

Ekeler might seem like he’s worth it, just looking at his receiving yards, but keep in mind that they were received over only 10 games. Not to mention, he’ averaged fewer than 12 carries in those 10 games. He just doesn’t have the stats to justify an early-round draft pick, especially with other capable running backs.

Chase Edmonds, Cardinals (Target)

Edmonds is often overlooked in fantasy league drafts, so don’t feel the need to go after him right way. However, he is still quite the asset. He’s had over 400 receiving yards despite having less than 500 rushing yards.

Odell Beckham Jr., Browns (Avoid)

Beckham actually did have a 1000-yard season in 2019, but now he’s just averaging 4 touchdowns a season. He just seems to be past his prime.

AJ Dillon, Packers (Target)

He’s not exactly a proven commodity quite yet, so his ADP is rather low. However, he’s still a beast. Hard to stop, he can pick up yards even after contact. It seems as though he’ll be the primary back for Aaron Jones, so it’d be quite the flex to get ahead in the game using him.

Josh Jacobs, Raiders (Avoid)

Jacobs is a consistent and reliable player. even scoring 12 rushing touchdowns last year. However, with Kenyan Drake being signed on to the Raiders as well, it’s uncertain how their time will be split up.

Dalvin Cook, Vikings (Target)

When it comes to running backs, Cook should be your first target. He’s rushed for over 1500 yards in a season and played 14 games back-to-back. He’d be amazing to have on your fantasy team, if you even have the chance to pick him.

Kenny Golladay, Giants (Avoid)

The issue with Golladay is the number of skilled receivers with the Giants team. He’s no slouch himself, but he won’t get too much time himself if he’s splitting time with three other receivers for time on the field.

Terry McLaurin, WFT (Target)

This wide receiver’s already amassed 2000 yards and 11 touchdowns over his two years in the NFL. Picking him is practically a guarantee for 1000 yards in your fantasy team.

Alvin Kamara, Saints (Avoid)

Kamara’s stats appear to have just dropped since his years as a top 5 draft pick. He’s never rushed more than 1000 yards in a season and only scored 5 receiving touchdowns last season. That’s number isn’t half bad, but it’s not necessarily something Kamara can replicate.

Diontae Johnson, Steelers (Target)

Johnson’s value comes from his quarterback. On games where Ben Roethlisberger started, Johnson averaged 12 targets per game. So, assuming Roethlisberger stays healthy, Johnson’s going to keep catching footballs.

Joe Mixon, Bengals (Avoid)

Mixon wasn’t exactly having a good year last season, even when it was cut short after just six games. He’s never been an elite pass-catcher, so he won’t really add much value to your team.

Ja’Marr Chase, Bengals (Target)

One would be taking a little bit of a chance on Chase, as he didn’t play in college last season. However, he should be able to quickly get back up to speed with Joe Burrow. He won a national championship with him after all. The trust Burrow has in Chase’s abilities will ensure that he’ll get all the targets and catches you’ll need.

Melvin Gordon, Broncos (Avoid)

Gordon just isn’t an elite fantasy player anymore. Not to mention, because the Broncos picked up Javonte Williams (someone that appeared earlier on this list), he may just end up playing backup to the rookie.

Jerry Jeudy, Broncos (Target)

Talent is not an issue with Jeudy, and with a quarterback like Terry Bridgewater he should have a big year. As long as Jeudy gets open and makes plays after he catches the ball, he’ll be an asset.

Ezekiel Elliot, Cowboys (Avoid)

Elliot’s last season certainly wasn’t stellar. While it could be chalked up to Dak Prescott being hurt, that just means that if Prescott doesn’t recover, Elliot won’t play any better.

A.J. Brown, Titans (Target)

Brown won’t be ignored this season. The presence of Julio Jones in Tennessee as well will make other people split between Brown and Jones. It’s still very possible he’ll perform far better than his ADP suggests.

James Robinson, Jaguars (Avoid)

He’s certainly a good player with over 1,000 rushing yards, despite his status as an undrafted rookie.

Laviska Shenault, Jaguars (Target)

Shenault is a multifaceted talent and do basically any play on the field. He only had 600 yards on the last season, but is still contender for 1000.  He’s an ideal candidate for outperforming his ADP.

Marquise Brown, Ravens (Avoid)

Baltimore isn’t exactly banking on Brown having an excellent season this year, which is why they drafted two other runners. All the competition on the field to stand out would really influence his overall performance for the fantasy game.

Irv Smith, Vikings (Target)

Smith still isn’t a known commodity, despite two years in the NFL, so his ADP will likely be a bit lower than it should be. With Kyle Rudolph out of Minnesota, he’ll also have more of an opportunity to stand out.

Deshaun Watson, Texans (Avoid)

Watson is a rather talented quarterback, and very helpful for anyone that chooses him for their fantasy team.  The issue is the uncertainty of where he’ll be playing this season, if at all. And even if he does play, his receivers aren’t as good as they were in the past, making it difficult to replicate the same results.

Mike Davis, Falcons (Target)

Davis isn’t the flashiest or fastest running back in the NFL, but he’s getting his opportunity as a starting one this season. In addition, he doesn’t have much competition for the spotlight, making him a rather overlooked commodity.

Jalen Hurts, Eagles (Avoid)

He may have the potential to be one of the top 10 fastest quarterbacks in the league right now. However, he’s still an unproven passer, so it wouldn’t be particularly wise to make him a starting quarterback on your fantasy team.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Chiefs (Target)

He wasn’t the consistent fantasy force people expected when he was first drafted, and this definitely affected his ADP. However, people shouldn’t give up on him. He’s still the Chief’s starting running back and will be key to their passing game.

Phillip Lindsay, Texans (Avoid)

The Texans already had an atrocious season last year, and there’s not much of a guarantee that it’ll improve. Additionally, he’s a part of a backfield with three other players, so it’s unlikely he’ll get the touches necessary to justify him being on your fantasy team in the first place.

Kyler Murray, Cardinals (Target)

Murray should be one of your top picks for a quarterback. It’s only his third season and he has so much that he can improve upon. He’ll rack up plenty of points for your team.

Chris Godwin, Buccaneers (Avoid)

Godwin isn’t a bad receiver, but considering how explosive the Buccaneers’ offense is, there are just too many good targets justifying him as a draft pick. He already had to share time with Mike Evans and Antonio Brown, but Tom Brady also took a liking to Scottie Miller and Tyler Johnson. Not to mention, there are the tight ends Rob Gronkowski and O.J. Owens. There’s just too much going for them to make him a good pick.

Josh Allen, Bills (Target)

Josh Allen should certainly be your first pick as a quarterback. He’s an excellent passer with a great target in Stefon Diggs. Even if he can’t pass the ball, he’s a fast and sneaky runner that’s scored 8 rushing touchdowns in his last season.